How to "stabilize" physical and mental health during the epidemic period

2021 is a special year. Under the influence of the world’s unchanged situation and the global popularity of the new crown pneumonia, health has become a life proposition that everyone has to face. On March 29, Dr. Lilac released the "2022 National Health Insight Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report"), based on 60420 samples in data insights such as health concepts, health behaviors, health consumption habits For the national health keywords in 2021, the national health status was made and summarized in 2021. (March 29 "Economic Reference News") This "Report" objectively analyzes the psychological and behavioral changes of the people during the epidemic, and the actual impact of these changes on health. The "Report" pointed out that people’s confidence is the most valuable for the influencing factors of the uncertainty of the epidemic.

It is true that this is true. Looking back at the past year, "stable" has become the background of all people’s lives, and "stability" in health is a universal mentality under the influence of the epidemic.

It can be seen from the "Report" that the people’s health concepts and health conditions have experienced some gratifying changes. The epidemic threatens health, and the people will cherish health even more. Various health products are sold, and the number of people buying health insurance also increases. The public generally develops good living habits such as mask, hard -working hands, and uncomfortable.

In addition, the importance of the public has also increased significantly for vaccines. In the past, vaccines, such as influenza vaccines, have also become "popular goods."

Not only that, some relatively remote medical terms, such as nucleic acid detection, antigen detection, group immunity, etc., have become familiar daily terms, and the health literacy of the public has been significantly improved. Obviously, if you want to "stabilize" physical and mental health, these positive changes should continue.

At the same time, the epidemic has some negative effects on health. Except for the epidemic directly affecting health, other indirect effects cannot be ignored.

The "Report" shows that in 2021, there is an average health problem, and the TOP3 is emotional, figure and skin problems. As most people’s out -of -going activities decrease, the time of "houses" in the room increases, compared with 2021, body anxiety exceeds skin problems for the first time.

The proportion of the number of people who suffered from eye problems reached 31%, and the rise trend was obvious. Therefore, if you want to "stabilize" physical and mental health, these influencing factors that are not conducive to health should be overcome and eliminated. In particular, in various health problems, emotional distress such as anxiety and depression still ranks first.

Emotional, workplace, family and other social reality pressure continues to disturb people’s tight nerves.

In terms of maintaining psychological health, in addition to personally needing psychological problems and doing the first responsible person to maintain their own mental health, social services such as psychological counseling are also essential.

At the moment when the situation of the epidemic situation is still complicated, it is not only the physical and mental health of the "stable", but also the attitude towards the epidemic. It can be said that the attitude towards the epidemic should be used as an important part of "stabilizing" physical and mental health. There are currently there are wars and "lying" thoughts in the society, but once so, the early efforts will be wasted.

Earlier days, the difficult days have come over. Why not make some efforts and sacrifice, the original intention of "stabilizing" epidemic prevention is unchanged. It is the most rational and cost -effective choice to wait for the evolution of the epidemic.

(Tang Chuanyan).