Dongcheng District Gymnastics Road Street: Party building leads to run out of the "epidemic" acceleration

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, March 28 (Chi Mengrui) "Uncle, you open your mouth, ah …" "You just sit on a wheelchair, I’ll come to you.

"In the Futai Evergreen Nursing Home in the streets of Gymnasium in Dongcheng District, party member volunteers and staff served the elderly to conduct an orderly nucleic acid testing in an orderly manner to accept nucleic acid testing without being discharged. Facing the current severe epidemic prevention and control situation, The streets of the gymnasium insist on letting the party flag fluttering high on the front line of prevention and control, gathering the forces of all parties at the fastest speed, further weaving the community epidemic prevention and control network, resolutely fighting the prevention and control of the epidemic, and fighting for the safety of the people of the people.

She Xiaojia runs out of the wartime and epidemic acceleration. Recently, at the nucleic acid testing site on the streets of the gymnasium, Zhu Shanshan, a onion shop community worker, is preparing the nucleic acid test tube in his hand. Nucleic acid amplification testing.

The 9 -year -old son did not see his mother for a few days, and he did not recognize the "big white" in front of him.

"Who am I?" The question of "Dabai" made the child stunned. He looked at the "big white" in front of him before recognizing his mother through his voice.

The little boy sprinkled his mother coquettish.

Zhu Shanshan’s mother also told everyone to pay attention to safety.

The brief and warm scene at the scene brought a moment of laughter to the nervous sampling work. As the most closer ring to connect with the residents, street cadres and community workers go deep into the front line for the first time. Big data inspections, key population transfer, household nucleic acid testing, grass -roots party members and cadres will continue to fight in the epidemic situation regardless of day and night. The most difficult places for preventing and controlling missions, where residents need the most, Zhu Shanshan, who cannot go home for multiple days, is just one of them. "We are fighting against time and epidemic racing every day. We must run accelerated to successfully win the epidemic prevention and control and block." Said Wang Huijuan, the person in charge of the street epidemic prevention and control class. The big data verification of key personnel requires fast, timely, and accurate. In the past few days, the streets receive thousands of data every day. The street epidemic prevention and control class and community data inspectors work overtime. They often get busy in the middle of the night. Guo Xiaomeng, deputy secretary of the party committee of Changqingyuan Community, injured her ankle, but she insisted on the epidemic and took the initiative to undertake big data investigation.

"Each big data needs to call residents, carefully verify the line, determine whether there is risk, strictly implement the control measures, and complete the task. It is often after the end of the night. We really thank the residents for their understanding. And support. "Guo Xiaomeng said. Pay attention to the temperature and epidemic of special crowds. At 7:30 in the morning, the stadium street epidemic prevention youth assault team arrives on time to the nucleic acid testing points in the jurisdiction, arrange the site in advance, and prepare for preparations.

"Please scan the code", "Please show your ID card", and inquiries in a sentence sounding continuously at the detection site. Faced with the special circumstances of the residents’ wrong ID number, Peng Enqiang, deputy secretary of the Street Working Committee, comforted the residents in a warm language and took the initiative to help the inquiry. Finally, the information registration was successfully completed. "Hello, my medicine is gone, can I help go to the hospital for medicine?" "No problem aunt, you can rest assured" "Hello, the vegetables at home are almost finished, please buy some of them." "Okay Uncle, you send us the dishes you want to buy. "The daily security of home isolated staff has always affected everyone’s heart. Whether you eat enough, good or not, see if you take medicine normally, whether there are any needs to be purchased, and other needs to be more concerned about the community.

Volunteers of the Sports Street Party members actively invited to set up a "offline running leg team" to undertake the material guarantee work of home isolation personnel.

Aunt Li Li, a resident of Changqingyuan Community, needed to be isolated at the same time.

Knowing the needs of Aunt Li, Yang Lulu, deputy director of the community, moved to two hospitals to register, consult, and prescribe medicine for the aunt. Yang Lulu said, "Auntie received the medicine and wrote a thank -you letter to me. In fact, this is what we should do.

Thank you Auntie for your recognition and affirmation of our work. This will be our biggest effort to move forward. In the future, it will be more intimate and more down -to -earth to do practical things for the masses.

Uncle He and his wife of the General Administration of Sports were unable to go out due to home isolation, and the purchase of daily necessities became a problem of headache. The community bag director dials the video to live on -site selection and food for the elderly to solve the problem of the elderly.

The old people said excitedly: "Community volunteers are like our family. They help us diligently and give us silently. It is really a good party member and live thunder." Nucleic acid proves that I was thinking about where to do it. I didn’t expect that there was a subway entrance, and it was free.

I called on my colleagues for a while and should be inspected.

"Residents praised the monitoring of the subway inlet. In order to serve the residents to conduct nucleic acid testing nearby, the streets of the gymnasium passed soliciting opinions and conducted field surveys to add mobile detection points at the subway, pocket park, community courtyard, and nursing homes in the jurisdiction.

Residents were happy and unexpected when they saw the flow monitoring point.

"Here, the ID card scan the code to enter, the table next door is detected, it is over one minute. It is really convenient. After finishing the heart, thank you volunteers." The warm heart of the residents is also a medical personnel, which is also a medical staff and a medical personnel. The inexhaustible motivation of streets and community workers. "It won’t hurt, don’t hide, just just, ah …" Li Danyang, a doctor from Gulou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Beijing, is patiently guiding the elderly residents to do nucleic acids. Li Danyang said, "We have been aid since last Sunday. Generally, we have to depart from home less than six o’clock. It is earlier to arrive at home at 89 pm. I am a young doctor. I have no children. I should bear more.

In the very time, we must persist in we will be tired and tired. I believe that everyone will become a city. (Editor -in -chief: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Share let more people see it.