Celebrate the "March 8th" Women’s Day Beihang Hangs to host a female teacher and student interview and exchange activity

Event site. Di Emeram Photo People’s Daily Online, Beijing, March 8 (Reporter Li Yizhuan) According to the news of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, on the occasion of the "March 8th" International Women’s Day, the female teachers and students of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics gathered together to communicate face to face. Focus on the "most beautiful leader" and talk about the guidance story on the road of growth.

At the event, Sun Zhimei, a winner of the "National 38 Red Flag Medal", a professor of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Li Hongzi, the winner of the "Capital Labor Medal", the professor of the School of Mathematics, and the winner of the Beihang "Lishu People Outstanding Award", humanities and social sciences The college professor Shen Yingchun interacted with the teachers and students present. The three teachers shared their guidance philosophy and the guidance story with students.

When it comes to the "most beautiful leader in their hearts", "female teachers should be like a loving mother and sister -in -law. The external beauty is unified with the inner beauty, confident, elegant, and learned. Guidance is not only a guidance for student academics, but also includes guidance for students ‘thoughts and life. It is necessary to focus on the characteristics of each student and focus on the growth of students’ hearts. Only when students are really willing to open up with their teachers can the guidance can play their true role.

The "most beautiful leader" in Li Hongren’s heart is a sincere sunshine, dedication, and loved by students.

In her opinion, the teacher is the role of the director, screenwriter, and actor. He must design and arrange each lesson as much as possible. Through the interaction with the students in the classroom When you come out, you must not only understand the lesson, but also talk about it. Sun Zhimei regards the "guidance relationship" as a cooperative relationship. She pays attention to the cultivation of students’ self -time management capabilities, encourages students to try boldly in the field of interest and good, and fully tap student potential.

She said that as a teacher, it is necessary to stimulate students’ potential to the greatest extent, encourage and help students pursue their dreams, and be people who contribute to the country and society.

"The key node in my life is that you accompany me and take me to the light of life." "How can I be lucky to be your student" … On -site communication and interaction, students present also told them in their eyes The "most beautiful leader" and sent sincere blessings to the teachers.

It is reported that this event is hosted by the Beihang School Trade Union, Women’s Federation, Women’s Working Committee, and Female Professor Association. Emotional blend.

The "Female Faculty Care Month" event has been held in Beihang for more than ten consecutive years, and a good response has been produced among female faculty and has formed a characteristic cultural brand. (Responsible editor: Li Yiyuan, Qin Hua) Share to make more people see it.