It is recommended to use innovative literacy education as an important part of intelligent education in primary and secondary schools

At the Fifth Session of the Thirteenth National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Cui Bo and 11 members of the CPPCC National Committee of the National Committee of the CPPCC jointly submitted the "Proposal on the Education of Innovation and Education as an Important Education Education Education", and positive suggestions and suggestions for education innovation. Talent is the foundation of innovation, and education is the source of innovation. The overall level of education in my country’s education is already in the world, but compared with developed countries in the West, the innovative literacy training of students is a prominent shortcoming.

Studies have shown that the size of people’s innovation ability depends to a large extent on development. The earlier development, the greater the development potential.

Take innovative literacy education as an important part of the intelligent education education in primary and secondary schools, and improve the basic and advanced work of improving the innovative talent training system and cultivating innovative talents. In 2016, Ningxia issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Pilot Education Pilot Education (Trial) in the section below junior high school", focusing on the three elements of innovative personality, innovative thinking, and innovative methods. Primary schools are mainly based on attention and encouragement of children’s curiosity, cultivating hobbies, and hands -on ability. The junior high school is to cultivate the innovative literacy education and cultivation goals that dare to question the difficulty of questioning and responsibility.

Practice has proved that based on the current national curriculum plan, integrate innovative literacy education into various discipline teaching, combine the characteristics of various disciplines, improve classroom teaching methods, improve the evaluation system, cultivate students’ innovative personality, innovative thinking, and innovative methods. The implementation of the "five education" requirements, improving the level of intelligent education in primary and secondary schools has greatly promoted, and it is feasible. For the new journey, build a new era.

my country has opened a new journey to the second century -old struggle goal.

Today’s children are the main force of the national rejuvenation tomorrow.

Carry out innovative literacy education in the education of intelligent education in primary and secondary schools, in line with the party’s education policy, and in line with the laws of education and talent growth.

Call for the mission.

The members suggested that the Ministry of Education regards innovative literacy education as an important part of intelligent education, and guides all places to carry out in -depth innovative literacy education for primary and secondary school students. Innovative literacy evaluation orientation, improve the "Guidelines for the Evaluation of Compulsory Education", incorporate innovative literacy into the "Guide to Education Quality Evaluation of Preschool Education", guide localities to deepen the reform of the middle school entrance examination and high school academic examination, and play the role of the examination evaluation and command stick; Innovative literacy education general courses, cultivate teachers from the source to implement the professional ability of innovative literacy education, and include innovative literacy education into the "national training program" of primary and secondary school teachers to strengthen the training of on -the -job teachers; The selection of a group of cities and counties (districts) in the west as the innovative literacy education pilot zone in primary and secondary schools, coordinating the team of experts in various aspects of the teaching and scientific research conducts professional guidance, and supports the experimental area to explore the experience model that can be used for reference and replication.

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