Blizzard test emergency protection capacity, Liaoning calmly

Shenyang Taoxian International Airport is at 0:00 to 10, November 8th, Shenyang Taoxian International Airport closed, while starting a large-scale delay warning mechanism, preparing for a large area of ??flight that may have occurred. Taoxian Airport predicts the runway, taxiway, and the apron, avoiding the influence of the treasury, and doing a good job in the terminal building, the public areas, avoiding the scumping of the machine to fall, while Ensure that the airport road is smooth; arrange the overnight aircraft to focus, fully enhance the aircraft in addition to ice and snow efficiency. As of press time, Shenyang Taoxian International Airport has been restored.

Multi-local school suspension November 5th, the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education issued "Notice on Doing a Good Job, 7-9 Blizzard, Strong Hanchao, Great Wind, Frozen Weather Prevention Work", conducting school safety prevention work during harsh weather The specific deployment. The education departments such as Shenyang, Anshan, Jinzhou, Tieling and other municipalities issued a notice. All kinds of schools on November 8 will stop all training activities on November 8 on November 8.

Combined with the actual situation, Dalian City November 8 and November 9th, the city’s primary and secondary schools (including vocational schools and kindergartens) student home lines two days.

Guarantee heating, accelerate Snow on November 7, the Liaoning Provincial Housing and Construction Department issued a notice, requiring all parts to do well in blizzard and heat and ice and snow cleaning. Notification requirements, the power supply failure of this meteorological change causes the residents to be affected, and all localities must actively coordinate the power sector, encounter emergency applications to initiate emergency plans to ensure electricity safety. Notification also requires, we must do a good snow cleaning solution in advance.

Clarify the labor division and responsibility, strengthen the overall deployment of the work, strictly adopt scientific green snowfall methods, and ensure that the snow homework is carried out in time. Improve the mechanized definition rate, establish a manipulation method, the main and artificial division of snow, improve the efficiency of work efficiency. On the morning of November 7, the snowfall in all parts of snow continued, but the restroom is already in progress. Shenyang Snow Command launched the city’s second-level (blizzard) warning in the 7th, requiring the Snow Command and the relevant departments of the district to be prepared according to the requirements of Blizzard in the demand, arranged in duty personnel, do a good deal, and the snow machinery Collecting standings and finishing the snow materials.

After snowing, pay close attention to roads, bridges, bridges, towns, etc. Important transportation nodes, etc.