A number of people’s livelihood projects in the focus of focusing

At the end of the year, the places have disclosed the latest people’s livelihood project construction schedule, "completed" "Order advancement" becoming keywords. At the same time, the relevant departments stepped up the deployment, and the work of the people’s livelihood is listed as the need, gather together. In addition to the old community transformation, public infrastructure construction, pension, housing, medical, etc. are also included in the list of key lists, and a number of major projects will be pushing, stepped up.

Recently, the progress of the people’s livelihood construction schedule is intensively published. Among them, 31 people’s livelihood projects in Hefei have been invested by 100 million yuan, and billions of money have been expendled. Among them, 11 people’s livelihood projects completed the annual task in advance, and the remaining 20 were advanced. As of the end of October, the 15 key people’s livelihood projects in Dalian, "implementing the heat transfer facilities maintenance and transformation" completed the annual goal, "implementing the old community to transform 2 million square meters" and other 8 projects exceeded October node goals, 7 projects such as "New Public Kindergarten 15" are advanced in order.

In 15 projects that are being promoted, the four projects will complete the annual goals at the end of November, and 11 projects will complete the annual target on time on time on December.

The place is still launching a new batch of major people’s livelihood projects. Recently, the Shanghai "Five New Town" people’s livelihood was launched.

The 19 projects initiated by the concentrated start-up starting approximately 21.5 billion yuan, focus on the field of health care, education, affordable housing, transportation, ecological environment and other people’s livelihood.

This is just a major shadow.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the investment in the field of people’s livelihood is stable. In the first three quarters, the investment in social sector increased year-on-year, of which health investment growth was%, and education investment growth%. "Since the beginning of this year, all localities have increased the expenditure of people’s livelihood projects. The relevant investment projects have maintained a higher speed growth and have achieved remarkable results.

Liu Xiangdong, deputy director of the China International Economic Exchange Center Economic Research Department, said to the "Economic Report" reporter, accelerating the construction of people’s livelihood projects, one aspect, which is conducive to completing the short board, optimizing investment structure, enhancing public service system security and improving people’s livelihood. To make great release of people’s livelihood; on the other hand, it is conducive to steady investment to promote transformation. Guiding development more attention to the growing beautiful life needs, expand social service consumption, and enhancing economic development. General Manager, chief macroeconomic economics At the "Economic Reference Report" reporter, Jia Gao Ruidong also said that promoting the construction of people’s livelihood projects, on the one hand, helping to solve the people’s most concerned to the most direct and most realistic interests, so that economic and social development is fair and the people; on the other hand China is in the critical period of new and old kinetic energy conversion, and the people’s livelihood projects integrate new infrastructure, which contains new economic growth points, such as developing smart transportation, digital infrastructure, which is conducive to further enhancing labor productivity, and promoting industrial transformation. Recently The relevant departments have stepped up the deployment, and the people’s live births are listed as the need. From the focus area, it is expected that the old community renovation, public infrastructure construction, pension, housing, basic medical, etc., more benefits of people’s livelihood projects are expected to start The State Council of the State Council held on November 2stage emphasized that efforts should be made to resolve people’s livelihood pain points, put people’s livelihood, solve some places discovered in the supervision, and to arrears compulsory education teachers’ salary and medical care, old community transformation Waiting for people’s livelihoods do not work hard. The General Office of the State Council recently forwarded the National Development and Reform Commission on promoting the level of life quality of the living service industry to improve the quality of life quality, emphasize urban and rural education, public health, basics Basic public service capacity construction in the fields of medical, cultural sports.

Clearly combined into the construction of urban old community renovation and urban residential community construction and short board, building community comprehensive service facilities, coordinating set kindergarten, housing point, pension service facilities, etc.

All localities are also actively promoted.

Take the education housing as an example, Hainan Province has issued the "Implementation Plan for the Health Development of Elderly Hill", and it is clear that the province has a pension bed with a pension bed at the end of 2025.

The province’s public type and proliferative infants are not less than 30% in the palm of the province, and public infant care service agencies are not less than 10% in terms of the baby children.

According to 2025, in 2025, the nutrient bed number accounted for more than 70%. The number of infants and children under 3 years old were reached, and each street was completed, and there was a total, day, home. Visiting, medical services, etc., the comprehensive pension service center, each county (city, district) is built, so the nursing home, all three-level elderly hospitals are completed, and the county-level administrative region is fully covered. Sun Chuanwang, Professor Xiamen University of Economics, said to the "Economic Report" reporter, accelerating the construction of people’s livelihood projects, helping to promote "Bao Minsheng" and "steady growth" to promote each other, boost development confidence, and enhance the long-term and stable economic society Internal motility.

However, in the process, it is necessary to effectively solve the concerns of public concerns such as education, medical insurance, etc., but also pay attention to problems such as urban and rural differences. It is necessary to guarantee the stability and continuation of policy support and funding guarantees, and continue to promote the implementation of people’s livelihood projects, but also improve the long-term mechanism of people’s livelihood projects, and effectively supplement Minsheng’s short board.

Liu Xiangdong believes that in the process of the people’s livelihood project, it is necessary to pay attention to the supply of people’s livelihood facilities, respecting residents’ willingness to carry out projects, and actively attract social funds to participate, especially for housekeeping, pension, and support. The people’s livelihood projects in social fields such as young and medical health pay attention to improvement and achievement of universal sharing, and also strengthen the supervision of the implementation of people’s livelihood projects to ensure that the policy is not going to be, so that the masses get real affordable. In terms of policy financial support, Liu Xiangdong suggested that it is necessary to use financial funds or local special debt funds on the blade, but also use financial institutions and social funds to form a diversity of funds, and strengthen the sustainability of people’s livelihood project investment. . (Ban Juan) Editor: Zhang Jingwen.