Bayannao: Sailing capital market "new blue sea"

A series of initiatives of the Urabi Qiqi, is Bayannao to raise a minority of the city to speed up the market.

Enterprise acceleration goes to the capital market, entrepreneurs think so fast, enthusiasm is so high, this is inseparable from the government’s strong advancement and high attention.

The Bayannhe Municipal Party Committee, the government attaches great importance to the multi-level capital market construction and the listing of the company, which always uses it as a compensatory stone, stimulating the might of the market entity and promoting the powerful engineering of high quality development, and promoting the company’s listing work. Historical breakthrough.

Precision selection, deeply dig the listing of backpoints. Start the city’s largest models of enterprises to fully touch the work, actively screen the "seed players" to be listed.

Carry out the "Capital Investment" series of activities, actively promote strong strength, high-quality planned listed enterprises to promote the homogenesis of Bayannoir, have identified the list of 521 Bayannre City, and Zhuang Bayannao reserve enterprises resource. The listing of the Bayansel special color enterprises has been built, and the pattern "cultivated a group of batch, restructuring a batch, declared a batch, listed a batch". Accurate cultivation, improve capital operation awareness. Since October 2019, a total of seven training classes of Bayansel City capital market has been held. He has invited Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the National SMEs Share Transfer System, the original expert on the Senior Trial Committee of the Securities Regulatory Commission, etc. The majority of party members and cadres, entrepreneurs use financial thinking and capital market planning capabilities. Listed companies, financial institutions and venture indentation agencies into the Bayannheier series activities and "Into the Bayannao Sharing Tianzhu" 100 listed companies Summit Forum, successfully held financial institutions and focus on listed enterprises listed docking promotion meeting And the national SME Development Fund Research Group investment promotion symposium Yan Yul City Enterprises carry out investment and financing, helping Bayannre City enterprises accelerate the restructuring of the listing process. Through the diversification of "please come in, go out", the development awareness of the capital market in the whole society has effectively enhanced, and it creates a good environment for promoting the development of capital markets.

Accurate service, activate new kinetic energy on the company.

Bayannre City puts the enterprise as a "one hand" project, specializing in promoting the leading group of enterprises, more than ten functional departments have established a close link work mechanism, adopting a group of one strategy, one discussion, etc., optimization issued a listing Process of the proceedings, the actual difficulties and issues that plan to list the listed enterprises, list lists, inverting time, clear special person, implement responsibilities, help companies encounter "bottleneck" problems encountered by various links such as reform, approval.

The Municipal Party Committee, the main leaders of the government have repeatedly in-depth enterprises, proactively close to the pre-service service, in-depth exchange with the corporate responsible persons and related experts, learn more about the enterprise, listen to the company’s appeal, activate the enterprise to enter the capital market. Empress escort, consolidate the capital market development.

Bayannre City research has introduced documents such as the "Notice on Implementing the People’s Government of the Autonomous Region <About Several Opinions on Further Promoting Multi – level Capital Market Finance", and further expand its policy support according to the provision of the post-prize policy, improve The prize standard has realized the support of enterprises, share reform, financing, counseling, and listing process policies. At present, the construction of capital markets in Bayannre City has formed a set of up and down linkages and multi-pronged security systems.

Next, Bayannre City will continue to accelerate the promotion of key enterprise IPO listed processes, and vigorously promote sunflower seed futures listed in Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, actively strive to list the listing directory for futures varieties, further enhance the service entity economy and region radiation Ability, unwavering the modern road to ecological priority green development, driving Bayannao’s construction into the city of innovation, the city of ecology, the city of hope.

(Qi Qing Ding, Hu Dongfei) (Editor: Liu Ze, Zhang Xue Dong) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.