British and French fishery disputes upgrade: not war is more

  The French government confirmed on the 28th that the French counterfeited a British fishing vessel and orally warned another British fishing vessel.

This is disappointed with this in the UK and warns the law not to implement further repetition measures.

Analysts pointed out that fishing rights were one of the most difficult issues in the UK "Detertic" negotiations. Although British Europe reached the relevant agreement, as of now, this issue did not be properly resolved. The French retaliation measures are coming, and the UK is considered to be considered at home and abroad, and it will not be easy to make, and how both disputes have to be observed.

  The British French fishery dispute upgraded France to deliver a British fishing boat French Ocean Affairs No. 28 issued an announcement saying that the law was inspected by two British fishing boats on the 27th, one of the British fishing vessels did not have corresponding fishing licenses, fishing boats and boarders Passed the port of Le Avor, France. On the 28th, the United Kingdom disappoints the move of France to the British fishing boat, emphasizing that France’s move will be "appropriate and targeted" response.

  UK Environmental Food and Country Affairs Minister Yastis We believe that France’s move is disappointing and unreasonable. It does not meet the expectations of the United Kingdom for intimate allies and partners. The relevant threat measures do not meet the relevant trade and cooperation agreements or more International law, if the implementation will get "appropriate and targeted" response. On the same day, France’s state secretary Bona, which was responsible for European affairs, said that France will take zero tolerance to the UK. Before the fishing license required by the British completion of the French, the French will prevent the British fishing boat from entering.

  France is responsible for the European affairs, Bona is now when we have respect, I support the practice of threats and seek dialogue, because this makes fishermen who have slightly more than half of fishing licenses, but this is not enough Unacceptable, we need to speak with strength, because it seems to be the only thing that the British government can understand. But later, the French Prime Minister Caste said that if the UK is willing to comply with the "Detead" agreement related commitment, France has an open attitude towards the United Kingdom on fisheries disputes.

  According to the "Deep" agreement, from January 1 this year, the EU national fishermen can get fishing licenses and enter the British sea fishing.

However, the application for French fishing boats submitted to the British fifterer refused, and only hundreds of fishing boats often had only dozens of fishing boats, and the French criticized the British violation agreement.

On October 27, the French government issued a statement that plans to take sanctions for the British fishing industry from November 2, including the ban on the British fishing boats from docking the French port to strengthen the health quarantine and customs clearance inspection of the UK.

The statement pointed out that the next step further plans to limit energy supply to the UK.

  The British-French fishing rights disputes are difficult to solve the "Deutum" sequelae, and there is a analysis of the analysis of the automotive industry and the financial services industry that account for a high proportion of the British economy, which is minimal.

But for domestic political considerations, the British Prime Minister Johnson Leadership is difficult to make concessions on fisheries issues. In addition, the Johnson government hopes to use the fishery problem to show tough position to the EU to avoid passive in the future.

The British Sky News Channel analyzed that Johnson, who has been paying attention to public opinion is very clear. For many British people who support "Detead", fishing rights have become an iconic topic.

In addition to the problem of fisheries, other "destanic" sequelaes caused by the structural problems between SECEMENT have gradually emerged. The UK and the EU have taken friction in the field of new crown vaccines and financial services, and the contradictions in both parties around Northern Ireland will continue, Johnson does not want the outside world to think of "easy retreat".

  In addition to a strong tough and actual action, France has issued a statement on the 27th called on the European Commission to convene a meeting as soon as possible to discuss measures at the EU level. However, experts believe that the trade and cooperation terms of the "Deep" agreement are signed by the EU and the United Kingdom, rather than the United Kingdom. The French government has repeatedly trying to get support from the EU countries, but so far, the EU has always been careful to avoid fire, and some EU member states have in principle, in principle, in principle, in principle, in the anti-British problem, France It is not easy to take action to take action on the EU level.