Dalian release notice: not necessary, do not go out, home isolation personnel "not leave home"

China News November 12th According to the official microblogging information of Dalian People’s Government News, Dalian New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Community Control Group issued notice, at present, Dalian new crown prevention and control situation is more complicated The effective way to curb the virus spread is to reduce people’s flow, please strictly abide by Dalian’s epidemic prevention and control related regulations. Notice requirements, one is to enhance the awareness of risk prevention. Adhere to the need to do not go out, especially do not travel to Dalian sealing area and the residential area with an epidemic situation. Home isolation should strictly implement prevention and control requirements, and resolutely do "not leave home". With the relevant departments, the relevant departments take the method of mounting monitoring equipment, electronic doors magnetic, post seals, etc., ensuring that personnel do not leave their homes.

For medical treatment of medical treatment, it is necessary to agree with the affluent anti-control headquarters, arrange special personnel, and do a good job in personnel protection, and implement closed-loop management.

The second is to comply with epidemic prevention and control regulations.

Home isolation must strictly implement relevant provisions of home isolation, scientific norms implement the requirements of home isolation, and do scientific home, people don’t leave home.

If the personnel are out of the home isolation, it is found that it shall be punished according to relevant laws and regulations. All home isolation personnel and all the staff of the same building have implemented home isolation control, and recalculate home isolation time. At the same time, it is integrity records for non-compliance with the prescribed personnel.