Anhui promotes natural resource elements to speed up docking

According to Anhui Daily Report (Reporter Tian Ting) reporter learned from the provincial "four-to-one service" office, since November, the Provincial Natural Resources Department has been "promoted natural resource elements" as a starting person, combined with "four get a service" special action, Conduct the theme help activities in the province’s natural resource system. The natural resource system is scientifically developing a work plan, establishing a contact with the enterprise to investigate the Qing list, and all coverage contacts enterprises and projects with natural resource elements, and coordinate the problem.

At the same time, strengthen policy publicity, including policies of natural resources, etc .; Municipal, County Natural Resources and Planning Bureau organized more than 1 online centralized preaching activity during special operations.

The natural resource sectors at all levels have established a sound mode of "double tricks and double lead" top docking mode, and strive to solve the demand for natural resources in terms of major projects and enterprises in terms of land, minerals, surveying and mapping; establish and improve coordination and scheduling mechanisms, progress weekly dispatching.

As of November 7, the natural resources department at all levels of our province has survived 437 visitors and projects, resolving 132 problems in natural resources; 83 sessions underline underline, participate in 636 companies, distributed Policy list 717; convene elements docking will be 45, symposium 73; Meets to visit 36, solve 20 "double tricks and double lead" docking problems; 49 batches of construction land in all provinces (project), A total of 93 land, including more across.