Digital new icon: driver’s steady growth

  Xinhuanet Beijing August 6th (Wang Ji Chen) On August 5th, at the 17th World Brand Conference of 2020, the Club Group ranked among the "China 500 most valuable brand" for four consecutive years, and the brand of billion yuan Value is in the home industry. Since this year, under the influence of the epidemic, global companies have faced a small challenge, in the face of these crises and challenges, in fact, it is also a test for the ability of the company’s elastic adaptability. In order to turn the crisis as the transfer, the Clutch Group has accelerated the construction of digital new icons from users, numbers, and cultures. "In this special period this year, the icon took the lead in insight into infrastructure construction and became an important measure in the new economic cycle solution. It is also a key to the current market environment, and quickly build digital new icons for this purpose.

"Zeng Xin, Vice President of the Clinique Group, said that the digital icon will serve as a long-term, supply side, not just a short-term effect, but also a long-term effect, a core driving force of steady growth. "Vice President of the Cloth Group Zeng Xixi is informed that the icon uses the number as driving force, driving the industry chain to fully develop. At present, the icon has created a live broadcast, VR, digital integration and other marketing models, and enters the environment in the store in the store. Next, the icon has created the App "Sea Community" of the mobile phone. Through the iconic community, the customer’s perspective can find the store and its preferences, the business perspective can get people, goods, field IP tags, through cloud data, characters Image of portraits, identification of data.

  The icon has reshaped the old "infrastructure system" between the brand and the user in the on-one, on the one hand, on the one hand, on the one hand, based on the digital new icon of "digital-based" digital new icon. For the brand in the new consumer market, and the young consumer speech, the first machine will take the lead in preempting the opportunity, stimulate the new needs of users, and new possibilities. Zeng Xin said that the digital new icon and a series of initiatives proposed by the icon were in order to promote growth. That is, through brand publicity, product and service, including digital transformation and empowerment, etc., finally realize the goal of enterprise’s steady growth, this is a key issue that is the most urgent to solve the fascination of the icon, and the future development direction.