Qinghai Tax Think Tank actively decodes the situation of local economic development

– Regular analysis often often often new. After using the VAT invoice to carry out the recurrence of enterprises, the focus of this routine analysis will turn to the normalization analysis of economic operation.

In the first 11 months, the Qinghai Tax System conducted 154 economic operations, and the batch of three-thirds were more than one-third of all approved analysis reports. In addition to caring every quarter, the Spring Festival, May 1, 11, Tourism peak season, etc. Key time, reflect the special analysis of economic consumption activity. Conventional analysis has attracted extensive attention from the party and government departments. In the provincial level, it is listed as one of the provinces of the provincial party committee, the provincial government office; at the city county, more than ten regional party and government leadership, please continue Do this kind of analysis. – Topic analysis extension expansion. According to the past experience, the topic series analysis is a powerful initiative to enhance the brand effect of the wiskin product and expand the impact of the administration.

In 2021, the Qinghai Provincial Taxation Bureau founded the "13th Five-Year Plan", "14th Five-Year" start, and the current consolidation expansion of the poverty and the effective connection of the country’s revitalization strategy, carrying out the special series of analysis, intended to decode the economic situation of important periods To achieve the purpose of consistent service. During the year, the party committee of all levels was submitted to the "13th Five-Year Plan" economic tax, tourism, industry, service industry and other series of analytical results. There are 10 instructions. "" From the perspective of tax "," 13th Five ". Economic Development Effective "Qinghai Information" is issued by the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee "Qinghai Information" special issue; 12 of the topic of poverty, rural residence, among which the Wulan County Taxation Bureau on the Development Status of Agricultural Products – Push " Product "Ulanwery" Going out "is implemented by the approval of the peasant and poverty alleviation department. – A deep tillage in the field of feature.

Given the difference in economic tax sources in the region, organize tax economic analysis work with regional characteristics, and analyze more targeted demands by analyzing specific regional economic situation. For example, Xining City is in depth around the pillar industry, completing the analysis of financial, real estate, automobile consumption, etc .; Haixi is surrounding the advantageous resources industry in the region, there is a potassium fertilizer, pure alkali, oil industry, etc .; Hainan State revolves rich in clean energy. The industrial analysis such as hydropower and photovoltaic power generation is carried out; the quality of coal operating enterprises in Haibei is analyzed about characteristics, green industries and products around the "Huangguoshu" region. The analysis results of various fields of all parts of the field have reached more than 100 analysts, providing a strong reference for local party and government leadership decisions. – Joint analysis is closely in-depth.

Cross-region analysis expands the vision, focusing on the development differences between related regions, more economic development advantages and disadvantages, providing a more comprehensive view of the party and government leadership decision-making. During the year, the Qinghai Provincial Taxation Bureau and the Gansu Provincial Taxation Bureau surrounded the Ranshi urban group plan, identified the "3 + 8" demultuan framework, namely the three-level tax authorities, covering the "Lansheng City Group Development Highlights" a small three Not "I still need to pay attention to" "Langzhou-Xining City Economic Dependence Analysis Report" from the corner of Tax Vision, actively serve party political decision-making at all levels, of which 5 are approved, which is the plan for Lanxi City. Promoting a decision-making reference and is praised by party and government leaders. In addition, organize the joint analysis of tax authorities at all levels to carry out joint analysis of party and government policy research departments, financial, and improvement and other economic authorities, through resource integration, further enhance the economic development situation of taxation intelligence to decode economic development, and play the ability to serve administration.

Strategic Research Pathogeneration. In addition to the analysis of the current local economic development concerns, the Qinghai Provincial Taxation Bureau pays great attention to the Party Central Committee, the State Council, and the provincial government’s major strategic arrangements as a topic, through extensive investigation, conduct strict argument analysis, local economy The future development trend is actively good.

The "Eye Double Circular Development Pattern is launched in the year," the research on the high-quality development of Qinghai Energy Industry "," Green Tax System in Qinghai Practical results and improvement recommendations "" The Ecological Protection and High Quality Development of Yellow River Basin "" "China’s digital economic development momentum Active, policy force is the key research of the improvement of improvement.

Next, the Qinghai Provincial Taxation Bureau will continue to focus on various major strategic proposals, and provide a reference for the party and government leadership path to provide reference. The person in charge of the Tax Economic Analysis Office of the Qinghai Provincial Taxation Bureau said that under the strong and correct leadership of the State Administration of Taxation and the Party Committee of the Qinghai Provincial Taxation Bureau, the provincial and cities and counties three-level tax authorities conducted a tax evasive work. A series of exploration attempts have achieved valuable experience, and the tax economy analysis brand is gradually forming, and it is increasingly getting the attention and recognition of the party committees of all levels and the society. The role of the service economic and social development is increasing, for the future, The province has confidence in the province, and has the ability to make persistent efforts to continue to promote the in-depth development of Qinghai Taxation, continue to force, and contribute tax strength and wisdom for local economic and social development. (Source: National Tax Administration Qinghai Provincial Taxation Bureau Wei Changhong) (Editor: Ma Jianhui, Zhang Liping) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.