Shenzhou No. 13 astronauts passengers successfully completed all established tasks for the first outstanding activities

  This is the Shenzhou-No. 13 astronaut, Beijing Space Flight Control Center, ending the charting task on November 8.

Xinhua News Agency (Guo Zhongzheng) Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 8 (Reporter Wang Yitao, Guo Zhongzheng) According to the China Manned Space Project Office, Beijing time on November 8th, at 1:16, after approximately hits , Shenzhou No. 13 astronauts passed closely, successfully completed all established tasks, astronauts Qi Zigang, Wang Yaping returned to the sky and core cabin, and the coding activities were a complete success. This is the third flight of the China Manned Space Engineering Space Station, which is the first outstanding activities of the Aerospace of Shenzhou 13, and the first time in China’s aerospace.

During the event of astronauts, the world is vigorously synergistic, and the cabin is closely matched. He has completed the mandate of the mechanical arm suspension and adapter installation, and the exterior of the classic action test. The whole process is successful, further testing my country’s new Class The functionality of the outer space service is verified, the ability of the astronauts and mechanical arms and the reliability and safety of the relevant support equipment related to the charting activities.