Red gene shipping

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Liu Cheng County Committee Organization Department is on July 1st, 2020 "Red Legend" into the campus series of activities in Liu Cheng County held in Liu Cheng County Experimental Primary School, the county party committee organizational department, the History Office, the Education Bureau, the county party committee, the cooperation committee , The media center, Xinhua Bookstore and the county’s primary and middle school teachers and students a total of 120 people participated in the launching ceremony. Xiong Guosong, Secretary of Liu Cheng County Committee, delivered speeches, Liu Yi, deputy director of Liuzhou Municipal Party Committee, attended the event and speaking. As the deputy director of the Organization Department of the County Party Committee, Zhou Fangyu announced the event. In 2020, "Red Legend" into the campus series officially kicked off in Liu Cheng County. At the launching ceremony, the participants watched the "Red Legend" documentary, the county literary office Chairman Gao Zhiqiang lived on "Red Story" "The Family of Liu City" Through the fresh manner, the red history is kept in mind, keeping the initial mission, support the unit Liu Chengxian Xinhua Bookstore also gives the "Red Legend" series of "red legend" series to the experimental primary school. Finally, all the participants chorus "Red Legend" theme song "Remember you", let "red power" phase in the campus flight. It is reported that the primary and secondary schools in Liu Chengxian will organize the "Red Classroom" to study and share, "red story" speech, "red song" sing, "red picture" essay (painting and calligraphy) evaluation, "red footprint" research practice, "red reading" The subject reading and other activities, guide the teachers and students to remember the red history, pursue red footprints, inherit the red gene, carry forward the revolutionary spirit, and promote the patriotic feelings, and promote the red gene shipping. (Editor: Xu Ziwen, Pang Guanhua).