Painting "Standards" lights up "supervisory"

Original title: Picture "Standard Image" lights up "supervisory card" in "two studies" learning education, for rough single one, no standards, measure, no standard, done, difficult to do things, done The assessment is difficult, and the role is difficult, and the role is full of Jinchang County, Shaanxi, 2552 rural party members in the county, 2552 rural party members in the county, and the "six-do not do" as the standard score apprage, star management system, use "six Doing six do not do "Meet the advanced nature of rural party members, ignite rural party members’ entrepreneurship, and inspiring the new vitality of grassroots party organizations. The rules of the tambourry, the party members remember the heart "to make a love party to protect the party, do not believe in the confused people of God; doing unclear hard and empty people, do not do good and evil, old good people; Don’t worry-free people who are unreachable; do not do the leisurely lazy people who are grateful; do not do the enthusiastic people who serve the masses, don’t care about themselves; doing inheriting a civilized person, don’t be filial Take the heart. "Today, you can see a large rural" party membership rule "promotion card with the above-mentioned" Six Do not do "content.

  "The previous party members have been good and bad, the party organizations have no quantitative standards, and it is not good to evaluate. Now ‘six do not do" draw a’ standard image for rural party members, everyone is more familiar, easy to memorize. According to this "six rules" Points to party members, stamping, star management, directly clear.

This kind of management is good, facilitating the supervision of the masses, and party members are very recognized. "Speaking of" Six Do not do ", Di Ping Town Shuimu Village Party Branch Secretary Zhou Qia Hua is very emotional." "Six do not do" printing in the village publicity card is very conspicuous, the villagers can understand, remember to live, " The party members have something bad, and the supervision of the masses also has a basis.

"Li Yucai, the party member of Dazhuang Village, Liumu Town, said that he also recorded" Six Do not do "on the notebook, but also to give himself a pressure.

  "In order to implement the key measures for qualified party members, we combine the villages’ citizens, family teachers, and the specific criteria of qualified party members are expressed as the" six do not do ", quantitative. Several specific assignments, take the monthly integral, seasonal star, annual evaluation, percentage points to assess, according to party members points, set red star, green star, Blue Star, Yellow Star, four star grade, and will members Points and stars are publicized on the Jinxing brand, so that the management of the party organization has a ‘ruler’, and party members have a ‘criterion’, and the party members have ‘scales’.

Yan Honglin, director of the grassroots office of Linyou County Committee, said. Can not be a red star, all rely on action to point the star management, the points evaluation, not only evaluate the image, but also bisted the gap.

Now, the low-star party members have the power of the promotion, and the high-star party members also have the pressure of Xiangxing.

Party members are generally reflected, "six rules" brand and star management cards are both pressure cards, but also supervise cards, warnings.

  "The Village Evaluation Team is evaluated once a month, publishing an assessment in the quarter, how many of you, what is the star, all published in Jin Xing card, the masses are clear, there is no comment, indicating that they are not doing, face also I can’t help it. This year, I took the lead in raising pigs, and I also helped the neighborhood. The people can see, the points are also high, and the star is also glorious. "Meng Jianping, the old party member of the Town of the Town, Jiucheng Town, realized from Blue Star After the commitment of the Red Star, he said.

  It turned out that Lao Meng’s last year was acknowledged in the leading role in the poverty reduction. Lao Meng is very unwilling, made a contribution of Jin Xing, and actively practice "six doing six do not do", take the lead in pig 7 heads and helps 3 households, poverty, hunting pigs, was rated as Red Star in the first quarter Party members. "Party members usually have records, with points, have evaluation, role, play by action points, speak with data, reverse the past rural party members, dry, dry and dry a situation.

"Wu Lakui, secretary of the party branch of Dazhuang Village, Liquor Town, deeply feeling. Excellent unity, comprehensive approach to assess the year-end, Linyou County combined with democratic appraisal party members, fully refer to party members and quarters Party members ‘mutual evaluation, the masses, the "three reviews" methods of party organizations, and the comprehensive examination of the year, the star grade, the promotion. "Comment on the Red Star, nor you mean you always’ Star ‘party members. "Take out the thick party member star management account, Xi Xinhong, secretary of Changfeng Village, Changfeng Town, Changfeng Town.

In detail in the account, each party member is recorded in detail, there are many "one vote veto" project, "as long as you step on these red lines, you will be downgraded.

"The party organizations at all levels of Linyou County will raise the results as the party membership assessment, promote the basis for the prize award and punishment. The party members who have evaluated the red star will recommend it to the superior party organization. For those performances, the function is obvious, the power is strong Party members, will recommend the party representatives and people’s representatives at all levels. Assessing party members who have assessing the green star are encouraged by the party organization, assessing the reminder of the Blue Star, and the evaluation is Huang Xing will be identified as unqualified party members. Give organizational processing as required.

  The rich stroning atmosphere has been aware of rural areas in the county.

Last year, the county rated 375 red star party members, 1730 green star party members, 426 Bluestar party members, 21 Huang Xing party members. 61 Red Star Party members were selected as the city, county party representative, 13 Red Star Party members were commended by the county party committee as "outstanding Communist Party". "Party members’ points of interest evaluation, the implementation of star management system, showing a good party, brought a family, affecting a group of people’s effect, and strongly promotes the development of all rural undertakings.

This year, the county party committee will commend a group of ‘most beautiful Communist Party’ and ‘most beautiful Communist Party Family’ to further enlarge the exemplary effect of this system.

"The Standing Committee of the Linyou County Committee, Zhang Xin said.

() Ren Xinglin (Editor: Huang Wei, Qinhua).