Overseas people: "The right way to get along" is conducive to China and the United States and the world

Xinhua News Agency, November 17th China President Xi Jinping held a video meeting with the US President, in the next flight, in the next 50 years, the most important thing in international relations is China and the United States must find the right way.

Overseas people express highly recognized, and believe that Sino-US relations have stable development in the world, establishing a health and stable Sino-US relations is the expectation of the international community, in line with the interests of both parties and the world.

Stephen Perry, Chairman of 48 Group Club, said that the world is in the intersection, everyone wants world peace, because the confrontation is not good.

Sino-US cooperation is required in response to health and health challenges, economic issues, terrorism, and climate change.

He very much agrees with the views of Xi Jinping’s "respecting each other social system and development path". "If you adhere to only one system and a set of values ??in the world, it will make this world more challenged", "" in the world, need Seeking cooperation on an outgoing, friendly track. " Li Cheng, director of the US Broins Society, John Sandton, said that China Delivery held a video meeting is a rational, reciprocal, responsible action, two leaders explained their respects in the meeting, including Common goal. He agreed that President Xi Jinping was proposed in the meeting, "the ‘cake’" of Dac Sino-US cooperation, believes that with the further growth of the two countries, this will become the foundation of cooperation between the two countries. The famous American TV producer Josh Secag said that people hope that China and the United States have established peace and open relationships on the basis of mutual respect.

The first video meeting of China Dollar Dollar has passed a clear information, ie "the difference between the two countries is controllable."

He said that China and the United States need each other, the world needs to get along with harmony between China and America. The two countries need to find a new, creative way to find a new, creative way to find a new and creative road. Find a common point, honest, mutual respect, establish sustainable health relationships, help two countries reach their respective goals and include common goals in the environment. He also pointed out that in Taiwan issues, the United States needs a consistency of words and deeds. Kurkani, former Chairman of the Mumbai, India, believes that the first video meeting of China and US dollars is very active and is highly attacked. China and the United States should control differences, strengthen the consensus on important bilateral issues and global issues, but this can only be achieved by dialogue, can’t fight against problems. The United States should stop interfere in China’s internal affairs and give up the obsession of curbing China’s rise.

Yuhong, a senior researcher in the East Asian Institute of Singapore, said that the stability and development of Sino-US relations is important for Asia and the world. China and the United States and the world is the world, the world; Zhongmei, the world will not be peaceful.

Sino-US needs must cooperate on the issue of regional development and major challenges in the world.

Recently, China and the United States released the Joint Declaration of Climate Action, indicating that there should be cooperation between China and the United States.

China and the United States should find more areas that can work together.

(Participants: Sun Xiaoling, Huang Heng, Yang Shilong, Zhao Xu, Zhang Yadong, Wang Lili).