Say,He raised his head,Watch your youth,“Hongxuan,Your friends are not competing.,You is twenty years old.,Why do you still make her talk everywhere?,Even at home,Now in front of outsiders,Is it a shame?。”

Young man named Hong Xuan,Is a face cold,Thumb up your body,It can be seen from his standing position.,Should be a soldier。
After heard of words at this moment,He is a cold face when it is a cold face.,Cold and cold,“Petting her is not me,Is a father,If you are dissatisfied,Can talk to my grandfather。”
Ming Hao Xuan didn’t think I was laughing,“Don’t we let out the outside a joke?。”
After the end,Watching back to summer,“I ask you.,Who are you?What to do here?”
One is concentrated。
There is no expression on the summer face.,Even the eyebrows have not blinded。
He slowly transferred,Minghe Xuan,Sweeping the rest of the people,Stopping in the Meiyu,Summer laughing,And the other party also flews the blink of an eye。
Subsequent,Summer eyes continue to roam,Falling on the cold youth,Confucius。
finally,His eyes returned in Ming Hecheng。
Then say a word。
“Don’t look for things,otherwise,I don’t mind, I will make you a dead dog.。”
Siheyuan four backyard。
The backyard is very old,White wall,Already gray,Zhu Hong’s pillar and carved doors and windows,Has a painted paint。
There is also a common patio pool in the old house in the yard.,The wall climbs the mountain climbing,It looks simple,It is a lot of breath。
If you carefully taste,It will find that the design and decoration of every detail in the yard is very exquisite.,Give people an active years。
Ming master is lying on the rattan chair,Eye close up,Like sleeping nor sleep。
Chujiang Yusu is standing,Saitude,“They met。”
The old man slowly opened his eyes.,sit
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Straight into the body,Tea on the table,Gently put a bit,And laughing and saying。
“We both gambling,I gamble, the kid will。”
Chujiang jade mouth,“I also gamble the day will start。”
“Ha ha。”
The old man suddenly laughed.,“it is good,Then I will bet,In addition to leisurely and Hongxuan,That kid will be all people。”
Chujiang jade is somewhat speechless,Sribulence,Confucius on your face,“This will not make things a lot.,Be unpleasant。”
“Tasting,Not reason。”
Father with a tea cup,Looking at the mountain climbing tiger,“I am a lifetime,Four sons,In addition to the old three,Others just want to be rich,that power,status,Benefit,Their next generation,It is even more than a family.,Outside Hu,I have long thought to teach, and I don’t have Xiao Xiao.,Now,very good。”
Chu Jiang Jade laughs,“In fact, the four is good,He now has its own medical office,The reputation is also very good.,And Hong Xuan does not take the baby?。”
Put in this way,Master is now cold,Anger,“He is of course good,Be brought by old three,Affected by the third,Be able to capacity,Eas force,But he has no old three,Ugh,In fact, he is the best candidate.,Cocoa……”