Everyone knows respect。

“Great emperor,My father is nothing.?”Lin Yu worried,After all, it is facing a Xianjin who is the 12th power of the god.。
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Chapter 1,534 Arrest
NS1534Chapter arrest
“Your father is fine,He is now the distance from me only a step.,Even the capabilities,I may not be able to catch him.。Please search for everyone()Most!The fastest update”The East is unbeaten to look at Lin Yu Road:“But everyone remembers,Herbal owner,He is now a person in the Shendo Temple.,Can’t let people find evidence,He is right,Xiao Yu is fine!”
Tolsmu,Yamamoto,Yishan Wang and others heard a respectable,They have a blame in their hearts.。
“All right,I know that http://www.rosefamily.cn your heart is wronged.,Let it go,Look at their fight,It is also beneficial to you。”The East is unbeaten and looked at everyone.,His big sleeve and disappeared in the void.。
Cross-sectional distant void。
There are hundreds of thousands of miles away from the festival ground,Lin Feng,Was cranes with the hometown of the Shentou Temple stand in the north,Southern Vincible Station is the strongman of Xianli,Both sides confront。
“北 漠 神,How to pick?You come here first.,Laozi smoked you。”At this time, a fairy halfway is coming out.,This Xianfang half-step god came to the center of both parties.。
Big hands and pointed to Lin Feng。
“Single pick?OK,But I pick you a group.。”Lin Feng’s eyes look at this Xianfang half-step,His figure between the talks came to the center of both sides.。
Tell this,Suddenly caused many strong laughs of the Xiancheng。
“Ha ha,Killing me。”
“This man is crazy!”
“He is really crazy,madman,Take all of our people?He thought who he is?”
Lin Feng’s figure step by step,Double eyes are like a group of quarry,He suddenly reached a finger,This point points to the void,Suddenly a vast beam scored long-slide killed to these Montera Temple。
“Amama,Killing me。”A Xian family is clearly felt that this strength,Can’t find him at all。
“Such weak strength,too slow。”Another Xian family half-step god is also laughing。
“Humph,Unbearable force,Who is going to shoot him?!”I looked at this beam and snorted.。
“I go!”
A Xianfang half-step god is laughing and walked,Just when his figure just stepped out one step,That light beam has come in this fairy strong,Time-launch bundle explosion。
A mushroom cloud rises,Chemicals to destroy the airflow,Ten-way void,Fierce scream,A close up of the body,Herone is a strong person who respects the fairy,All of these people are all destroyed。
A beam flew out from inside,Escape this mushroom cloud with a vibrant blood is a fairy day.。
I have a horrified color on my face.。
That mushroom cloud disdissive,Nine half-step god vomiting blood,Faceless,Looking to Lin Feng’s figure,Color with fear。
When this scene, the members of the Monte Month Temple have been shocked.,Many people 揉 eye,I http://www.aicq99.cn doubt myself wrong.。
“I rubbed,Extremely powerful。”