“Two brother,You are here waiting for me.?”

See Li Hui,Zhang Erzhuang face is also a happy smile。
“Hey-hey,Lee brother,Others, etc.,This bottle of wine is specially ran to the county to buy it.,There is also to thank you for your support.,Have not you,I may now die in Lianhua Village.。”
“Forehead,Two brother,You said that it is too modest.,Even if you don’t dry the ground,Just sell hands and help, you can’t hungry you.?
The most important thing is that you still sell motorcycles.,I heard that the motorcycle in our village is bought in you.。”
Zhang Erzhuang listened to Li Hui Feng, said that it is a little embarrassing laugh.。
http://www.zgxybmh.cn “Hey-hey,That is small, small,But today I also want to ask you something.。”
“Um,What’s the matter?”
Li Xiangtan opened the door,I invite the other party into the yard。
“Hey-hey,I have taken the business of all the vegetable greenhouses in Lotus Village.,I want to ask if you have interest to share the share,Then I will go to Taohua Village in the next step.。”
I heard Zhang Duo.,Li Hui is also a glimpse,He didn’t think that the other party actually can take the fruit and vegetable greenhouse of Lotus Village.。
As for stock,He really didn’t have that idea,Mainly this industry seems too small.,Even,There is not much earning head。
“sure,How did two strong brothers come down??”
“Hey-hey,I’ll listen to you,Go to the village to compare the lot of Liu Shao,Then cooperate with Liu’s accounting.,These businesses are all of him.,But the Taohua Village us are not familiar,I think about letting you talk about it.。”
Say,Zhang Erzhuang also put the Maotai wine that has been tight in his hand, put on the table in the house.。
Li Hui Feng see this scene is also a bit sigh.。
“Hey-hey,If I didn’t guess this is Liu Shu, let you come.?”
“The amount is what he let me come.,But it is also my own,After all, Taohua Village is familiar with you.,As for the village head, I heard that he is not dealing with peach rolls.,It is,So thinking to think that only you are most suitable。”
Looking at Zhang Erzhuang’s embarrassment,Li Hui Feng also didn’t hesitate。
After all, he was also put on the village.,at this time,If you can help, you must help you.。
“Hey-hey,no problem,When I have time, I will tell the Taun Village.,Things to enter the share even,I am busy having a farmhouse.,I can’t open it.。”
“Hey-hey,Row,That’s more thanks.,correct,Liu Huai said that I want you to go to his house tonight.,I don’t know if you have time.?”
Zhang Erzhuang’s words opened,Li Hui smiled and smiled.。
Chapter 651 Zhang Erzhuang’s short
Drinking for Liu Dafu home,He is really shadowed.。
Or is afraid of making mistakes。
He is also a normal man,http://www.hxzdc.cn Still a big young man,Especially after knowing the taste of men and women,Many things are not good to control。
And he feels that Zhang Er Zhuang is coming to him today.,It is completely in accordance with Liu Dazhuang。
First holding wine first,Then let yourself help,If you refuse,There is no time to ask for guests.。
If promised to help,So, please drink a cup tonight.,If you have not promised,I am sure that I haven’t played.。
Such a routine is not the first time.,I have encountered it before.,Just I didn’t expect people to happen in Liu Dafu.。
“Two brother,I didn’t guess the wrong, Liu Shu has not cooked.?
And the scorpion has not come back,I am going to invite me to go early.?”
Zhang Erzhuang did not expect that Li Hui Feng actually broke,However, he is still working hard to make himself.。
“Hey-hey,how http://www.fengxianqulvshi.cn could it be possible。
Liu will have already got home at home.,Would you like to go with me?。”
Looking at Zhang Erzhuang’s one panic,Li Hui also dismantled the other party。