“hehe,Then there is no uncle that you come out.?”

“no,no,How do I have that capability now?,And Zhou Boss didn’t take me at the beginning.,Say it or I have a wrong first。”
“Um,Not good,Otherwise you should know my means。”
Say,Li Hui Feng directly let Han Shanshan do good,Then the throttle of the hand plus,I took out the moment.。
Han Shanshan was also immediately hugging Li Hui’s waist.。
Li Hui also didn’t think that Han Shanshan will have such a scene.,Do not think of many plots, carrying a motorcycle,Then I will feel the feeling of the trick.。
Just thinking about it,He finally decided to give up such a wretched idea.。
See Li Hui’s left,Jin Xijie is also a long breath.。
He can come out, which is completely the old boss, without him, so obsessed with people.,Of course, http://www.xcy001.cn the things about drugs are indeed, they are not selling.,Otherwise, the result is definitely not today.。
“Boss,Who is the kid??”
It is the existence of you.,I saw him far from the future.,That kid is not a heavy weight,Today, you are here.,In listening, who is the young farm,Actually, I also cut the opponent’s leg.,This matter must be a lesson of each other.,Otherwise, the 30,000 pieces of the fields of the fields we can’t earn.。”
When I said this,Jin Xijie can’t help but think of the so-called shampoo room opened by Tianshiri.,The name is washed,But he knows that this shampoo is open at night.。
And there is no time, he will not spend money.。
So this time the other party has something to give money and please,He decided to make a good performance.。
He said that he is also a boss.,Although the http://www.amyusb.cn reputation was given by Li with the wind,But with his people, you can still sit in this first chair.。
The most important thing, he is not a leisurely hateful.,Unemployed visitors,And still there is a title,Gold manager of security company。
As for these younger brother,Among them, there are still in the evening to give Tianshiramian store security.。
“Border,We will find out,However, Da Xiao said is a young man with a woman.,Will it be the two just left??”
Are they from the school??”
Jin Xijie listened to the younger brother,Also a glimpse,If this is so happy,Then this money is really bad。
“Forehead,We come with you.,I didn’t see it.,But Tian Da Shao is very beautiful in the phone.,The woman is very beautiful.,At least in the county, I still rarely see so beautiful woman,If you can” Peng Jin Xijie http://www.dnscname.cn listened to this, directly gave the other party’s head.。
“You are crazy?
That kind of woman is also you can touch.?
I heard that the rivers in our county is also cleaned up.,I doubt about this kid.,This kid is very evil,Don’t have any ideas?,Otherwise don’t say that when the boss can’t keep you.。”
“I will send a few students in the afternoon you to ask for a few students.,If it is true,Let’s talk about it again.。”
“I am going to buy some melon snacks.,Then buy a few poker to find a few,Waiting for them to learn。”
Hear Jin Xijie,Several younger brothers are also comparable。
And Li speaks with the wind, I don’t know if the field is so fast, I will find someone to retaliate him.。
He contained Han Shanshan directly to his junior high school and elementary school respectively saw the previous class teacher.,With the principal。
A few times,Han Shanshan is his girlfriend with the teacher’s teacher with the principal,Li Hui is also a bit awkward。
Han Shanshan fell generous,I am very happy to make a teacher.。
One morning, Li Hui Rong is in the air, and Han Shanshan runs out all the schools.。
Until noon,Li Hui has decided to carry Han Shanshan to the town to find a good restaurant to eat a meal.。