Just when the microphone went to him.。

Zhong Changsi even felt that Zhou Niwu’s hand was shaking.。
“Relax。”The wrong medical department suddenly stayed at the moment in that moment.,I don’t know why I suddenly encouraged a sound.。
Zhou Ye is full of gratitude,Hold up,I have a deep breath.。
With the first applause,At this time, I suddenly sounded the applause.。
The mission lectures in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are also officially started.。
Zhou Ye took out the white paper filled with his own lecture and the contents of the podium on the table.。
Be right……He directly closed the projector!
A few young doctors under the stage think that Wichen I am not readyppt,Directly reveal。
And Zhong Changsi’s face is also slightly ugly.。
He can see the nervousness of Zhou Ye,But if there is no courseware that is prepared??
It’s not tight and it’s a matter.,But the attitude is to be correct.?
Next, Zhou http://www.leshengwenhua.cn Niwu’s sentence is shocked by the audience.。
His opening is actually:“Do you want to die??”
The whole meeting room instantly sword。

NS53chapter Successfully completed the speech
The etiology of Zhou Ye around chronic obstructive pulmonary disease、develop、Complications and treatment,Standing on the stage。
The residents under the stage also heard the taste of Jinjin。
At the moment of his speech,Almost harvested all the applause and recognition。
Especially Zhong Changsi,I have a young man who praises the hospital in myself and a few leaders. It is getting better and better.。
“Finish,Is it possible to go back to work?。”Zhou Ye is sitting around Baihong,Whisper。
Bai Hong frowned,Like laughing:“You are sure you want to walk around?”
Zhou Ye is far from the back of Zhong Changsi,http://www.fm992e.cnI have already scared creepy。
The entire meeting room has only one handpiece,The back door doesn’t know when it is locked.。
I want to go to the conference from Zhong Changsi.,His face has become all ignorant,Gallop。
Is this not looking for??“Forget it,It can only be quiet and changed.。”Zhou Ye is helplessly sitting in place。
Since you can’t walk,Then I can only do something that sent time.!
He reached out to the mobile phone from your pocket!
“My slot,No bar?”Zhou Ye found that there was no one in his pocket.,The expression is stiff.。
This is the office of the mobile phone.!
I think that I have to spend this boring meeting room in the next two hours.。
He really wants to cry without tears。
Bai Hong saw Zhou Yewu strange expression,Gauge:“Is your phone not in your http://www.fuyajiaju.cn hand??”