“Where can you sorry you?,Even if you want to sell to Gao Baoyi,There is no need to be like this now.,Rush in the first line?”

His words with ice cold,Tropic to suppress your anger。
“But you kill me.,Is not it?”
He Zuozhen looks straight to Yu Wen,Do not evade the opponent’s eyes。
Yu Wenxia is like a sword,Suddenly stunned on the spot。I can’t say a word.。
“Right,You still remember,Is not it?”
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS1350chapter Gods dusk
A sentence“Jun wants to die,Chen has to die”,Regard,If necessary, you will have a knife.。So there are so many rebellicons,Countenance,Traitor。
To some extent,This can also be considered“Where is oppression,Where there is resistance”。
The monarch is doing wrong,Kill the wrong person,Most of them,I won’t feel that I have done wrong.,But the courtiers“Not understand”。
As now,I don’t think there is anything wrong with what I can’t kill Hulun Tun.,If the time is turned down,In the case of the situation,He still kills!Little is not vague。
So in the face of the question of He Ruoyu,Yu Wen is silent。Now this moment,It seems that there is no meaning.。
“hehe,You have nothing to say, right.?Then I will tell you.。”
He Ruoyu put the horizontal knife down,Removing the knife sheath。
“it’s me,Always give me a message,Zhou Jun’s one fell,I have told Greetor.。Since you kill me later,I have been waiting today!I finally made me wait.!
Avenge,It is a lottery!Today, I will let me pay homage to my father in the sky.。”
He Ruohuo,Ready to catch Yu Wenzi from the dragon chair。At this moment,A figure stopped him。
“He Ruoyu!Since ancient times,I have never been good at the end.!Do you know what you are doing?!”
运 站 邕 邕 邕 邕 邕 弼 弼,Cut the knife。
“Go away!Not your business here!Greater governor is not a person who is indiscriminate,Put down the knife,You can have a living road!”
He Ruozi red eyes,Like the gill,Step by step。
Surrounding guard,Whether it is brought by He Ruo,Still following Yuwen,All look at it calm,Not talking,Also didn’t come forward to help。
Everyone saw it.,today,Just He Ruoyu wants to solve your own private grievances。This kind of thing is not necessary to dry,I don’t expect it.。
“He Ruoyu,Put down the knife。I am following you, I will follow you.。Now to this step,Even if you kill your majesty,It’s just a bad breath.。
Life is still so long,Is it better??Do you want to return to the hidden mountain??”
Dou Yi slowly went forward,Let Yu Shiyun recovered the knife,Then look at the congratulaps that are angry that cannot be controlled.。
“Dou Tianwu……”
He also wants to say,Dou Yi sighs:“If you can kill some people, you will kill less.,How do you want to place it?,Not you can decide。I took my majesty to walk with you.,People who put in the palace,Waiting for the one to fall,so,To you,Benefits to everyone。
That’s temper,He will do not want to see Chang’an blood flow into the river.。”
Dou Youth“that one”,From Yu Wenzi, he will go down to the ordinary palace,I know who is。Dou Yi is very correct,By now,Don’t look at He is coming,seems very amazing。