TurnoverQQ,Put the photo originally to Nan Ge,Waiting for her to wake up and see,Then I know how good you will sleep when I fall asleep, and I will understand myself.、Shengshi Yanyang when you don’t move,Furthermore, it is occasionally quiet during the day.,When I arrived, I was expected to enjoy such her when she was awake.。

“How to wake up still dreaming”
Zhouzhi whispered,Shake the shaking head。
The group next to the bed heard the sound,Drilling a small head from below the quilt,Captive open eyes,Asked him:“I have to get up.?”
“Do not”
“Oh, the group, the adult, then sleep again.”
The group has http://www.zowdoors.cn just retracted a small head.,Suddenly drilled in,Looking at the nanong sleeping around him,Quietly:“Now the blue brother is asleep.,Depth,You can come quietly now,Sleeping in the group”
He doesn’t want。
It is not much more opportunities to sleep with Nange.,He is still there yet, and the age of another half will be worship.,Contrary,He just got a feeling of sleeping.。
It’s too much to sleep with a person.。
And don’t say that the bodies of Nang Ge sleep,I don’t say that her taste is smelling.,Just know that there is a girl who is likes to lying next to himself.,And relieved,This feeling can already make him feel novel and beautiful.。
The group also returned the head to the quilt,I looked at him one blink.,Waiting for his answer。
Time a little passed。
“Oh, I am sorry.http://www.ailianhe.cn。”Zhouzhi quickly apologize,“Still not,I am afraid to wake her.。”
“Group of adults。”
“I have worked hard.。”
Zhou continues to lean the head on the wall,After remained the softening that I felt when I was holding Nan Ge last night。Unfortunately, it is a bit too short.,He only holds a small party.,It was pushed by the fascinating nanong.。
Really cruel!
So Zhouzhi and pinch the face of nano,By the way, I took Zhang Zhao.,Put it in hidden album。
Then continue against the wall,meditation。
Waiting for Nan Ge Woke up。
This time is too late.。
Zhou Wei wants to wake up early,I want her to sleep.,So I have to sit here to suffocate.。
I know that he should bring this book.。
Then Nan Ge woke up, he can see him holding a book.,Then then you will http://www.bjztba.cn amaten his good art.、Good love learning,His appearance is dumped by this
Zhou Zhi and smashed。