“You are Lu Haozheng?”

His gaze quickly got to Li Ge。
how is this possible?
Li Ge didn’t say that the other party is Lu Hao Cheng.。
They Lijia’s big business,http://www.cyber-dj.com.cn How can I not know Lu Hao Cheng’s number one person??
He suddenly felt that he was used up.。
Lu Haozheng looked at him,I know that he is used by the other party.,But how is it??
Sinted him Lu Hao Cheng’s people never had good results。
Li Ge suddenly laughed out,“It turned out to be the mainland.,I am really eye,Did not recognize land。”
“Continent,We have just returned to China,I have leaving for decades.,I am not very familiar with it here.,Please contain more than a lot of,Every evening thing is misunderstood。”
Li Ge laughed looking at Lu Haozheng,Automatically ignore the words before Lu Haozheng。
Lu Haocheng faint words,That is quenched。
Clear people with a shake。
Li Ge looked at Lu Haozheng,I have a bit of fear of my heart.。
Before it comes back,He deeply understood this http://www.yangyangsao.cnman,Also here even elsewhere,He has the ability to turn over to the cloud.。
Today’sMcountry,Cooperate with Zhangjia,Defeated Song Home。
If you give him a few years,The market will be all occupied by him.。
This is an invisible rich,Property has been comparable to them.,This is the most feared place in Zijia.。
This is just that they can see on their surface.,And those hidden in the dark?。
They walked to this step,Dragonfly, his father’s wife,Every family is done,HaveAThe first rich name。
At the same time, he also knows,The capital of the population is also a bedroom。
for example,Yi Tianqi,Four families in Jiangyou,These families have unexpected wealth。
Looking at Lu Haochong icy look,He also looks slightly,Looking at him, I don’t want to be like this.,His face has a little effort。
Feng Yun open:“This is indeed misunderstanding,Li is always selfless,That diamond is only afraid that he is slippery.,Inadvertently http://www.nesed6.cn fall in the head of the land。”
“exactly,Continental,I have a hand.,Excuse me,sorry,I apologize to Lu。”
Li Gong is also under the steps of the hero。
Being at this Lu Hao,They finished Li Jia.。
At this time,Everyone is watching this scene in front of him.,This is more fun than eating drinking.。
“But,My black card is in your bag。”
Lu Hao is unhappy to throw a few words,Ruthless。
Li Zhengbi,Looking at the gall,Hard bottom,This thing is not so easy to talk about tonight.。
He is sitting around the side of Europe,Even sitting,The cold breath that is emitted by the body,Also make people dare not ignore,The look is even more no angry。