so,In order not to let this happen,rookieStill strongly supported this game。

But his willpower,After the end of the game,It is directly that I can’t hold it.。
Attending,Still being cleared by the palacengHold down。
“hiss,rookiePersonal body status of players,It seems to have some problems。”
From the field shot,The two explanations have naturally seen this situation.。
“Yes,It looks very uncomfortable.,still isngandqgHold him together。”
“How about it,rookieHow is the brother??”
As the palace is asked,IGEveryone will invest in a team doctor.,Coach Wang Hai。
There is also the boss of the boss and manager who specially come to watch the battle.。
There is no feeling of feelings,Suddenly looked at so many sights,I can’t help but rush to rise.。
But follow,He realized what he should do at this time.。
“Not very serious problem,It is a bit mild fever。But this”
Team doctor is exhausted,Subsequently:“This pair of players itself,It must have a big impact。Well, I personally don’t recommend the player to continue the game.。”
Narrate,Everyone is relieved.。
“That’s good,Nothing is good。”
Palace Qing one ass sitting in the seat,The stones in my heart fall down.。
Reaction of others,Also a big difference,Wang Hai and the principal have taken a shot.rookieShoulders。
Rest room atmosphere,It seems to be relaxed.。
butrookie,But I suddenly raised my head.。
“I want to continue to play。”
Team doctor,The brow wrinkled in an instant。
“Can not do it,Your current state,If you continue to maintain the high-strength competitive state on the field,I am afraid it is difficult to stick to it.。and,May also have a certain impact on the body。”
The president also shook his head,GonerookieIn front of。
“never mind,Moral glass,We have takenSThe champion of the game,Still this trophy??”
rookieAnd the principal of Wang,It is slow、Snind to shake his head。
“Attempt,Why don’t you obey?,This is the most important thing at this time.。”
Palace clear andIGOthers don’t speak,Just express the same meaning with my eyes。
rookieSlowly close your eyes,Then I took a breath.,Again。
then,He is like scattered all the exhaustion.,Gently open your eyes。
“My own physical condition,I know myself。I can,I can really。”
rookieThe sight is behind this,Slowly swept through everyone in the field。
at last,Stop in front of the priest。
“Moreover,I don’t want to miss it.IGAny game。I don’t want to be in the absence of it.,Miss any champion。”
Wang President wrinkled into Sichuan,The eyes are staring so tightlyrookie,I haven’t spoken for a long time.。
androokieHis forter,God is not back。