Mr. He’s wife quickly found a doctor,Doctor heard the news,Fast assessment。I found that Mr. He’s double lower limb has been completely paralyzed.。

Yes,Everyone didn’t miss the wrong,The initial double lower limb weakness,But can still be reluctant,And today is completely paralyzed。
It is no longer possible.,Don’t say,The feet can’t be moved.。Moreover, the syruption of the sword is given、Temperature basics disappear。
This is bad。
Why is the patient progresses?,Pipe practice doctor。Glucocorticoids are definitely the preferred drug for treating inflammation.,Why is it forth?、Conspicuous。Is the condition itself progressed?,Is it caused by a drug??
This is a big problem。
Mr. He and his wife are also hands in this moment.,All hopes are in the doctor’s hand。
Doctor on duty quickly let the nurse stop the hormone in the morning,Don’t use it anymore。
He is not sure is a hormone problem,But the relationship before and after time is too obvious.。
Director quickly came to work。
Doctors on duty can’t wait to report the director,Said this patient who considers acute spinalitis,After using a glucocorticoid,I found that the lower limbs were almost completely embarrassed this morning.,Just checked the muscle strength,Almost0Level(normal5class)。
Originally, this patient is not very difficult,Comprehensive patient clinical manifestationMRIthe result of,Diagnostic acute spinalitis is no problem,So the director has not asked,Just treated by high-year doctors in the following。
But now the situation changes,The patient is not good after treatment,But more,Although it is an acquaintance,But there is also a hidden danger of lawsuits。No one dares to know。
How long does it take for a long time??Director watching the spinal cordMRIFilm, margin, doctors。
almost10Hour,Before and after。Doctor on duty。
Can no longer drag。The director suddenly puts the film,Kuke said。
This sentence is inexplicable in duty doctors。Weak question,What’s the meaning。
This case is our great idea.,Director said slowly,Patients may not be acute spinal inflammation,If it is really spinal inflammation,There should be an effect after using hormones.,Even if there is no effect,Not so much。Director walks on the direction of the ward,Doctor on duty rush to keep up with。
I just took a closer look at the patient’s spinal cord.MRIFilm,It seems that some blood vessels around the spinal cord(Professional imaging,It is righteous that some blood vessels do not flow blood.),It is the limb paralysis caused by spinal cord vascular malformation.。Director said。
Go to the ward,Director and Mr. He said simple and greet.,Then seriously examine Mr. He Mr.’s limb muscle tension,There is also the pain of the skin、Tactile。
Like the results of doctors on duty。
Director does not evil,Direct Mr.,You may not be acute spinal inflammation in this situation,We are wrong.。But you are too like spinal inflammation.,So the fault is also very difficult to avoid。Some patients diagnosed as acute spinalitis,Due to the hormone,We have to consider another disease.,That is spinal cord hydrostatic fistula。
Doctor on duty heard the director saying that spinal cord hydrostatic fistula,A mist,I have never heard of this disease.。
Don’t tell the patient yourself.。The patient heard the director,Also stay。
Director explains,The spinal cord of the human body is required to provide blood and nutrients.,Spinal cord cells are used after these bloods,Meeting into intravenous flow,Just sending a small town than us.,When we go, it is a high-speed past.,It’s a national road to walk.,Two roads are parallel,Uninterrupted,Transportation is very smooth。But if the midway is high-speed and the national road is connected,The truck may have not arrived at the small town.,The goods are not available to the town,Small town naturally out of stock。
Director continues,The same truth,I doubt inside your spinal cord.,There is a artery and intravenous connection.,A fistula occurred,The blood of the artery does not enter the spinal cord cell,And directly enter the vein,It is mixed with intravenous.。Thus,The blood of veins will become more,High pressure is also high,The blood of the spinal cord cell is not smooth.,And there is less arterial blood entering spinal cord cells.(Because some arterial blood is directly exchanged intravenous)。
This kind of consequence is,Spinal cord ischemic hypoxia、Edema,Thus serious affecting the function of the limb function,So your lower limbs will be weak,Even 痪,The skin feels will sail or even disappear。
I heard the director analysis,Doctor on duty suddenly realized。
Two couples still listen to a glimpse。
Doctor on duty,This disease is very small, the director,I have never heard of it.,How did you think about it??
Director said,thatMRIThe film has tips,But not obvious,I see some spinal blood vessels without flowing blood signals.,Bold。What makes me doubtful,The patient has been aggravated after using hormone.。Before going to meet with peers,They have encountered2Acute spinalitis patient,Using hormone, the condition is aggravated,Later one,This is caused by this spinal hydraulic venous fistula.。Hormone can cause water retention,May increase venous pressure,Thus, the spinal cord function that has been shaken and descended is further collapsed.。
Means of,Instead of using hormones?Doctor on duty。
Director nodded,It is a very important point that hormone leads to aggravation.,I also speculate.,Have a diagnosis,Can only be spinal cord blood vessel angiography。This is why I want to say this.。Director said,He turned his head,Kuke said,I have doubt that you have this arteriovenous fistula.,To diagnose only angiography,My suggestion must be done,Can’t wait any longer,Otherwise, spinal cord cytokines are more serious.,I really didn’t have the opportunity to recover.。
Mr. He listens to the director to say,I am afraid of nervousness,But it seems to see hope again.。I got up today, I found that the lower extremity could not move.,He is already going to collapse.,But in order not to let the wife worry,Not good。
Director listening to you,What do you say?。Mr. He posted。
As long as this spinal hydraulic arteriovenous fistula is,We do surgery or intervention as soon as possible,Block this fistula,Reduce blood flow into veins,Let the arterial blood enter the spinal cord,Nourishing spinal cord,It is possible to recover。But how much can the specific recovery?,Also unknown now,So try as soon as possible。Director said。
Of course,I also speculate this.,Not necessarily this disease,Everything, etc.。Director did not say death。
At this time, other doctors have both work.,The tube bed doctor has also come,After listening to the analysis of the director,Contact relevant departments immediately,Make patients with spinal cord blood vessels。