“A boat!”Liu Dang quickly stopped him,And reminded:“Calm!”

In fact, Liu Dang and Mu Jian also doubtful——Chu Tai Year’s sex,How can I not chase his master??From the time of just fight,The man is also very powerful.,But it is not the opponent of Chu.。
as well as……Why did Chu Tai Dressress??
It is said that the Chu Deiren found someone to sing a spring.,Nor is not possible,After all, the other party’s identity,They have not figured out now.。
But just saved by Chu Deirers.,It is inevitable that it is not hard.,Mu Jian Sword and Liu Dang have also questioned exports。
“The matter is indeed,Sher Miao disappeared,It’s inevitable,Let Chu League laugh,Thank you, I’m.,We have not been harmed by traitors.。”Mu Jian symbolizes thank you。
In fact, Mu Jian is slightly ignorant.,The other party is definitely not to kill himself.,Otherwise what you still do as Chu people do?
Ten eight nine,It is for Chu Deirers……
In turn,Said that I was tired by Chu Deirers.,Also fully。
“Who tells you,Mu Wangfu’s small county,Related?”Chu Deirers asked。
“this……We have found some clues,Now it seems,It should also be a traitor for fake。”Mu Jian sounds。
“Do not,In the pool,Can you say this?。That bit‘Reliable friend’Who is?”Chu Deirers obviously won’t give this face。
There are people behind,Chu Deirers can rest assured。
Liu Yizhou is going to open again,It was stopped by Liu Dang in advance.,And Liu Dang holds a boxing:“I will definitely check this.、An account of Chu League,But this or misunderstood,Also to avoid crazy snakes,Inconvenient to speak,Wan Wang Han!”
Sure enough, the Mu Wangfu is very trustful.。
Although it has fallen,But Liu Dang still wants yourself to check,I don’t want to directly“friend”Come out,To avoid retaliation by the Chu Deirens。
Means of,Even now,They also believe,The friend or an intelligence error、Or is indeed a problem with Chu Deirers!
“Ah,Do not say?Chu Mou walks the rivers and lakes.,I will not even I don’t know anyone.?I am a lot of the enemy’s enemy.、Seeing that I am not pleasing to the eye. More,But I will fall into my heart.,And there is a relationship with you Mu Wangfu……Hey!I want to go,It is Wei Xiaobao’s fake eunuch!”
When the Chu Deiren talking, he turned against a few people.,And it looks like you,However, it is actually guarded the Ming Tail.,Take their own reaction。
Sure enough, it is called the name of Xiaobao.,Mu Jian Sheng and others micro color change——Chu Deiren suddenly。
“Do not say that you don’t say,I walk the rivers and lakes.,Not only the enemy,Friend!The gas agricultion is even more all over the world.,Help you to explore,The land of the small county and the scenery of the people is!”Chu Deman deliberately。
Mu Jian sounds when he said:“And slow!Chu Lee,This matter is not working……”
This matter,How can they wish others aware??
Especially still!
Two girls are missing,If it is tied,How many idiots do you have in the future??
“Humph,You don’t want to find your sister soon.,The United States always has to consider our own reputation!Otherwise, the Wei Xiaobao will go to the world to declare,Isn’t it broken my reputation??”Chu Debans disdain。
Mu Wangfu people also listened,Chu Deirers this is the opposite will。
Liu Tuanfang,Have to promise the road:“Chu League,After that, I made a copy of the WANG.,And if there is this rumor in the rivers and lakes,My Mu Wangfu is a force to clarify。”
As for the Chu Deirens, Wei Xiaobao……
Liu Dang did not recognize,None denied。
“Dressed in the same order can’t wait too long,If you tell this 1519,Then before this thing really waited for the rivers and lakes,Dressed in the same union can be patience,Otherwise, I have to clarify it immediately.、It is also to help Mu Wangfu as soon as possible to find Xiaoguang and Fangmei.!”Chu Deirers directly threatened。
These people are holding、Put back,Don’t force it to force!
And at this time, it is indeed been caught in the deer.,Mu Jian looked like Liu Dang,After seeing his old man nodded,Sigh:“Hey,Since this,That day,Fengling Today, we have a pub of Taishan today.,It is fixed with the Chu League.。”
Chu Deirers also know,They must have to discuss first.,Nothing to add,Just nodding:“it is good。”
Then you don’t return it.……