Luo Yi heard grandma’s laugh,She and Ali sneaked over,But they dare not come in,I can only stand outside the door and watch。

This pass is pressed,Half an hour is gone。Xia Jian knew someone was outside,So he said softly:“come in!Help grandma to the bed,I gave her two needles”
Xia Jian’s voice just fell,Ali and Luo Yi ran in one after another。Grandma Luo is happy,She laughed:“Why didn’t your kid show up earlier?”
There is something in Grandma Luo’s words。Xia Jian understands what she means,But he doesn’t know how to say it better,Can only smile foolishly。
With the help of Ali and Luo Yi,Grandma Luo crawled sideways on the edge of the bed。Xia Jian released the dart bag on his waist,Draw out two silver bars and say to Grandma Luo:“grandmother!Let’s start treatment now。But i am not sure,After the needle is stuck,What will happen。If you feel uncomfortable,Just tell me”
“Ha ha!Young man,You go bold!Luo Yi, listen to me,If Xia Jian’s needle goes down,If grandma is gone,This matter has nothing to do with Xia Jian,Listen up”Grandma Luo said,Suddenly his face changed。
Luo smiled and said:“grandmother!what are you saying。You say so,Xia Jian still dare to tie you?Close your eyes quickly”Luo Yi said,Reach over,Use her little hand to block Grandma Luo’s eyes。
Xia Jian’s two fingers searched for acupuncture points in Grandma Luo’s belly,Then his light wrist shook,A silver needle pierced Grandma Luo’s stomach。
Seeing that Grandma Luo didn’t have any reaction,Xia Jian clamped the tail of the silver needle with two fingers,Twirled gently。That long silver needle,A lot of them are tied up。
Grandma Luo took a breath at this moment,She whispered:“It hurts here、So hot”She finished saying this,Closed eyes with a weak breath。
Xia Jian quickly reached out,Put two fingers on Grandma Luo’s wrist。Steady pulse,Nothing unusual,It seems that she fell asleep again。
First2096chapter Tempted
At this time,The phone in Xia Jian’s pocket bounced。Xia Jian is afraid that the music of the phone will wake up Grandma Luo,So two steps out of her room。
Came to the living room and took a look,This call is from Tie Li,Xia Jian was stunned and connected。Tie Li on the phone asked softly:“Where are you?Are you not going back to the hotel tonight??”
Xia Jiancong from Tie Li’s words,I heard her unhappiness。He hurriedly smiled and said:“I gave Grandma Luo a needle,Wait till it’s done…”
Xia Jian just said half of it,Suddenly Luo Yi emerged from behind him,She snatched Xia Jian’s phone,Speak loudly to the phone:“Xia Jian won’t come back to live tonight,He has to treat grandma during this time,So he can only live in my house during this time”
Luo Yi speaks extremely fast,Hung up as soon as I finished talking。Xia Jian looked astonished,He didn’t dare to think that Xin Luo would do it for a while。