Oh my goodness!Didn’t you just sit together yesterday??Why are you here again today,What does Lu Wanting want to do?!Xia Jian said irritably to the phone:“I am not in the group,I was out“

“You lied to me,I do not believe,I want to come up and see“Lu Wanting acted like a child。
Xia Jian said in a hurry:“I have tea with my friends in Green Garden,Don’t go up”
“what?Green Garden?Oh!I saw,Which one is not far from your group?!You wait for me,I’ll be there in a while”Lu Wanting shouted excitedly on the phone,Hung up。
Liu Cuilian is smart,I can understand Xia Jian’s expression,She stood up and said:“I go first,Liu Qiang, please,If you spend more and less spend, you will count as sister”
“OK then!you go first,I happen to have a friend coming”Xia Jian said helplessly。
Liu Cuilian walked for about a few minutes,Suddenly the door slammed open,Lu Wanting rushed in like a gust of wind,She smiled and glanced at Xia Jian,Asked with a smile:“Didn’t you say drinking tea with friends?What about my friend?”
“Just left!”Xia Jian said unhappily。
Lu Wanting smiled and said:“Is it female?!Are you afraid of me seeing,Sent her away in advance?”
“Does this have anything to do with you?It’s a woman,But she is my classmate and her sister,Do something with me,So I made an appointment here for tea,Any questions?”Xia Jian’s eyes whited,Asked a bit displeased。
Lu Wanting doesn’t care if Xia Jian is happy or not,She suddenly got up,Sitting on the sofa next to Xia Jian,Lower your voice and say:“There must be a problem with this,You said if there is nothing tricky between you,You can’t talk about things in your office,Have to come here?”
Lu Wanting stared at Xia Jian with sly eyes,For fear of him lying。
Xia Jianyi listen,But I’m getting angry,He couldn’t help but stared and roared:“Are you sick?!You will have this idea?I’m still on vacation,It’s not convenient to talk in the office”
Xia Jian’s voice was raised very high,Lu Wanting wanted to joke with Xia Jian,Unexpectedly, when a romantic figure like him mentions some women, they will be quick,She seems to have wronged her。
“Damn!I just made a joke with you,Why are you still angry?”Lu Wanting said,Holding Xia Jian’s arm like a child and shaking。
Just at this time,The door suddenly opened,I saw Wang Lin standing at the door。The people inside and outside the house are a bit stunned,The scene is extremely embarrassing。
“Sorry,Bother you,please continue“Wang Lin, who had reacted in advance, said,A sharp turn,Run downstairs。
Xia Jian just recovered,He pushed Lu Wanting away,Shouted while running:“Wang Lin!Wait for Wang Lin,Not what you think“