He didn’t think that Li Hui, who had been very decent in weekdays, there will be some ideas.。

“Haha,Just follow Li’s brother to say,This time I think the other party is going to learn.,So the result is definitely the beginning of the stone.。”
Think about Su Kai, I feel happy.。
“Um,Su Dado looks good at himself.,If it is checked out which chef is,Can directly answer,Of course, if Li Mei wants to solve the other party,Take the initiative to sell our chef to her,After all, we have solved themselves.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Su Qing also felt that Li Hui’s change。
If this is what you have encountered before,Li Hui will definitely make this thing in the past,Not consume。
But now it is clear that Li Fah is not only careful.,And let the other party’s next place is not good.。
For this point,Su Qing is also so thinking。
“Row,This matter is given to me.,I will pick up after Li Mei.,I will shoot again。”
Su cool,Li Hui is still very satisfied。
After all, some people are not worthy of sympathy.。
Su Liang sorted out the medicinal formula for Li’s new style,Directly make a pilot work in a store。
At the same time, he is also personally,It is to let customers feel relieved.,Also don’t eat something wrong。
Lan Bai Yan saw Su Yide personally came to the waiter.。
But he is not worried about his exposure.,After all, he is the chef of the medicine.,The general dishes do not need him to shoot。
Only sign a dish will only shoot,The most critical is that this time he has earned more than 20 million from Li Mei.。
The formula of a signature dish is directly 10,000 yuan.。
There is a new signature vegetable today today.,Lan Bai Yan is also an excitement。
Because this dish he can earn 10,000,Although he is difficult to satisfy the present.。
But there is always no strength.。
See the formula given by Suye,He also started to do it.。
After making it on the formula,It’s just a color fragrance.。
Especially that is in the top of the Ban bean in the cooked,It’s like grain gold beads give people a high feeling.。
He has already thought about this dish.,Less than 20,000 yuan,He won’t give Li Mei’s。
Su Qing personally come out of the dish,Give guests。
Before the table,Su Qing is also sprinkled with the pepper that I have already prepared.。
When you eat,Su Qing also explained the guests.,Also give the guests with a garlic to eat taste more,All this is Li Hui Feng,What is it?,Su cool feels that there must be certain truths。
Next two days,With the new special dish,Pharmacy has a new day。
Lan Bai Yan also didn’t think this dish would be so hot.。
Night at night,Lan Baoyan also received a call from Li Mei’s phone.。
He didn’t think of the other’s news.。
“Hey-hey,Lee Boss,You are looking for me in the late night to give me a chance to make a fortune.?”