Things have come to this step,Yujou should continue to struggle,But it will seriously think about the pros and cons of Yanyang,Feasibility of this。

With a coordination,Not only can I get that thousands,And you can also deploy calm。After attacking Xiangyang,Yu Hao will only feel that it is an award“sensible”。
certainly,He will happen more!But even the Urchieg is not cared.,What is Yujian worried??
Yu Xian feels that this trick seems to be try。
Along the way,Gao Boyi with Yang Su and others,Come to Jingzhong Town!Here is the most important base in North Qi in the south.。
At present, the town,It was the initial surrender Gao Baoyi,Even the family is sent to Hou Yu in Yucheng。
When Gao Biyi appeared in the city of Zhangzhou,Hou Hou can’t believe your eyes,He didn’t think of it.,Gao Baoyi, this is actually coming.!
Now Gao Bo Yi is in Qi Dang,Hou Wei, of course。But the other party has never sent people to attract him.,So he is not very good.。
“Gao Capital。”Lower 郢 郢 城,Hou Hou said to Gao Baoyi。
“Um,This time,I want to take Yulong Junbei Xiangyang。”
Gao Bao nodded slightly。
NS1168chapter Operation(superior)
The town of Wuhan Wuchang District, Wuhan, Hubei Province,Gao Bi looks at the Yangtze River,A ship sauce is penetrating,Very majestic!
Don’t look at the steps in Zhangzhou City.,Hou’s water army,Still quite majestic。only,How is Gao Boyi’s performance after this army?,The heart is not very good.。
“Whether the Daduo,To discuss Wang Lin?”
Four times no one,Hou Hou will pull Gao Bo Yi to the secluded place,Lower sound。
to be honest,His inner heart is quite expected and accompanied by fearful。
Because with the high boat with Gao Baoyi identity,Hou Hou also hopes to enter the core of the North Qi,Instead of being thrown in the side of the town!
Different from Wang Lin,His family is now in Yucheng,Several sons who have not grown up are also,Everyday is Gao Baoyi。now,North Qi attempted to call Wang Lin’s posture is very obvious,Hou Yu wants to be unhappy,That is the ghost!
Why do you say this way,Because Northern South,There is a need for a understanding of the situation,Compared with each weight,And it is also very capable of calm。
Compared to Wang Lin,Hou Wei’s only advantage,It is what he is now“Oneself”,As for others,He is completely better than Wang Lin.。
So when Gao Biyi appeared in Zhangzhou City,Hou Wei knows,Your opportunity is coming。No matter what Gao Biyi wants to do,You can’t leave your own cooperation。
if not like this,What is Gao Boyi running in Zhangzhou??郢 郢 after autumn,Climate is not better than North。Here water network,Summer has absorbed enough water vapor,Fighting will show the power after entering the fall,Commonly known as“Autumn tiger”。
If there is a choice,Gao Boyi will never come to Zhangzhou this season.。
“Is Wang Lin not enough??”
Gao Bao Yi smiled and asked。Let Hou Hou are sorry.,It seems that I am careful about being demolished in my heart.。
“That is not,only,Above the couch,Let others sleep。Whether Wang Lin has no messy mind,He has the strength of the trouble,Have to prevent!”
Hou Yu said with a sound color,That dark skin,Position with a short figure,It seems particularly like a ground that climbed from the ground!
Compared to Wang Lin’s gas,Hou Hou is worse in the shape, how to stop。But Gao Bo Yi knows,Hou Hou, this is very gobble.,And very good at observing the battlefield situation,Especially in the water network area of the water and land。
People do not look at,It’s what people like Hou Yu.。
I heard Hou Hou said,Gao Boyi feels,In fact, this person is really good to control。Or,Hou Yu this person,Purely is a simple military commander。
“Beat and kill,That is not very good.。This time you go to see Wang Lin with me.,Can not move,Naturally, it is better.。”
Gao Bao took the shoulder of the horses,It means a deep concern。
Hou Hou felt,Solved Wang Lin,His position is stable。In fact,If there is no Wang Lin this big head,Who will take Hou Yu??
It is because there are not many people who will fight in the country in North Qi.,Therefore, Hou Yu can hold a steady position of Zhangzhou Metro.。If Wang Lin is not there,North Qi no longer needs Hou Xi to contain Wang Lin,So his fate can also be imagined.。