“Was originally,So many of us,Keep looking for day and night,Mobilize so many friends to help,Can’t find Ye Jia,Why can she find it?I don’t believe that Ye Jia was found by her,She also said that she met on the train,I suspect the child was cheated by her,Then he said he found it,Don’t you want to cheat some money??”Zhao Qianqian continued her guess。

“I think you are a neurotic。”Yu Ge is already angry。
“Hey,I said you don’t believe it,”Zhao Qianqian shook her head triumphantly,“Think about it yourself,Ye Boping looks flat,Old age,What can attract her?Except money,No other reason!She just didn’t understand the situation clearly,I mistakenly thought that Ye Boping was a big boss,Very rich,what a pity,be cheated,Haha。”
“You are good,You have become a master of analysis,I think Brother Zhao can send you to the Criminal Investigation Team for further study。”Yu Ge said sarcastically,Although he doesn’t know Xia Shuyue well,,But the Xia Shuyue he knew was definitely not what Zhao Qianqian said。
“Yes indeed,I’m amazing,Xia Shuyue miscalculated,She never dreamed that Ye Boping was Zhang Siwei’s husband,I didn’t expect Ye Boping to still eat soft rice,Was kicked out of the house because of derailment,No money,I can’t even feed myself,What to feed her?”Zhao Qianqian is proud。
Yu Ge ignores her,Drink tea,In fact, he didn’t understand why Xia Shuyue and Ye Boping were together,She never said。
Xia Shuyue made him unable to see through,Somehow missing,Suddenly came back after missing for more than two months,why?
and also,Is the kid in my belly really Ye Boping’s??He thought a lot,But can’t think of a clue,Confused too much,Can’t solve。
Zhao Qianqian is still talking next to me,“Zhang Siwei’s child,Unfamiliar people can’t be carried away,She never wanted me to hold,I hug,She just cried,I heard that Ye Boping’s mother lost the child,Think about it,Broad daylight,Carried away by a stranger,Can the child make no noise?Must be an acquaintance!”
Yu Ge took photos of Ye Jia,I know the child is familiar with Xia Shuyue,I remember when I went to the studio,Xia Shuyue kept holding Ye Jia,And in broad daylight,I was abducted without hearing the child cry,Really not normal。
Zhao Qianqian looks at Yu Ge in thought,Hit him with an elbow,Go on,“She must have found that Ye Boping can’t support her anymore,So he returned the child,Zhang Siwei for Ye Jia,Will give her a lot of money。”
217 There are still thieves in the broken house
“Don’t say anything?Are you the roundworm in her belly?Know everything?”Yu Ge is impatient。