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“Fang Yu……Is it really missing??”
People’s Hospital。
Christina came to Dean Chang’s office,Questioned。
“Doctor Fang may be too tired,It’s normal to ask for a few days off……Miss Christina,Your brother’s business,Don’t worry!”
Dean Chang said seriously。
Since yesterday,Someone came to ask Dr. Fang。
He is not Doctor Fang himself,Where do you know where Dr. Fang went?。
and,I can’t get through!
He is also very helpless!
Kristina regretted,A hint of disappointment flashed in his eyes。
Followed by,Ruan Wu and Bi Shujun are here。
“Where’s Doctor Fang?”
“Do not ask……Just don’t know。He called me for leave……You have to ask,Why don’t you go to the Fangjia pharmacy??His father,Maybe know!”
Dean Chang suggested。
His ears are almost getting calluses。
“Is not……There is a patient’s situation,We are not sure。Doctor Fang is not here,We are also very helpless!”Ruan Wu muttered。
“Li Chengke,Not that the medical skills are good……You can find him!”