“Mr. Chen said,Who proposed,Who will deal with the major universities in the capital that have signed cooperation agreements with the group。”Huang Xiangyang said bitterly。

“Ha ha……”
Hear this,Guo Wenxiang is not only not angry,A smile appeared on his face:“it is good,Since Mr. Chen said so,Just take Mr. Chen Geng’s meaning with Xifei、Comrade Shanfei, please say something,Want to change address?Let’s go and fix those universities in the capital.……Ok,What do you mean by Mr. Chen Geng and Xifei、Comrade Shanfei, please say something。”
He doesn’t have a headache for this thing these days,It’s annoying,But now,Comrade Guo feels refreshed,On this matter,Guo Wenxiang’s views and Chen Geng’s views are unprecedented:It is true that the major universities in the capital headed by Huaqing are muddled,So bully?
Guo Wenxiang is in a good mood,Corresponding to it is,Comrade Xiao Huang is not so happy anymore:He didn’t want to face Xifei、Those from Shanfei“Tried and tested revolutionary fighter”,But no way,What can I do?I can only walk towards Shanfei looking at me expectantly、A group of leaders from XAC and other units。
“Huang Dami,What did Mr. Chen say?”
See Huang Xiangyang,Xifei、The leaders of Shanfei hurriedly greeted,Asked eagerly。
“Mr. Chen said he can consider……”
“Really?!Mr. Chen really said that?”
Not waiting for Huang Xiangyang to finish,Wang Xiaodong from Xifei Plant、Ren Xiaohui of Shanfei Factory couldn’t help being overjoyed:Unexpectedly,It was so easy?!Chen Geng,It’s as easy to bully as the rumors……So talkative。
“What Mr Chen said,”Watching Wang Xiaodong、Ren Xiaohui’s appearance,Huang Xiangyang is also angry:“But Mr. Chen said,The group has signed cooperation agreements with some key universities in the capital,The aircraft dismantling plant is their internship and practice base,Relocation?no problem,But you must first persuade the major universities that have signed cooperation agreements with the group。”
Wang Xiaodong asked casually:“Major universities?There are those schools?”
“Huaqing、Capital Aviation Institute、Capital Institute of Technology……”Secretary Huang casually said the names of several capital universities that have signed cooperation agreements with the dismantling plant,Then she shrugged her shoulders like Chen Geng,He thinks this action is very fashionable:“There are about ten more in talks。”
“There are more than ten colleges and universities are talking about?!”
Secretary Huang’s words instantly changed the faces of the leaders of Shaanfei and Xifei in the crowd,They realized the tricky things:Huaqing、Capital Institute of Technology、Capital Aviation Institute……These universities,But they are all relatives of the country,The power and influence in the political map of the Republic,Unimaginable!
Originally it was just a bus、Spend a few cents、An internship base that can be reached in up to two or three hours,Suddenly arrived in Chang’an thousands of kilometers away,Who can be happy?Why do you say we have to go so far??
If you want to change the site,To offend so many universities in the capital?
Don’t talk about Xifei and Shanfei,Even if there are so many units up and down in the Ministry of Aviation Industry,,You have to weigh this matter carefully……
Seeing the people whose faces are changing,Huang Xiangyang instantly felt refreshed,The breath in my heart finally came out,He nodded:“Yes。”