I was unhappy in my studies before,Tian Lu returned home,Face“Overcast”,Tian Tianmu can always detect what she says on her face“Language”,Sometimes I ask Tian Lu what is it for?,Sometimes even without asking,Tian Tianmu will guess how much。

that time,Tian Tianmu’s usual words are heartfelt to warn her:“Luwa,You have to remember,Suffering is blessing,To lose is to take advantage,You can be as successful as you feel wronged。”
Tian Tianmu’s words still echo in his ears,But the man is dead,If grandpa is still there,At least comfort her,It’s her flying light on setbacks。
Think of grandpa,Tian Lu’s eyes are wet。
Fix your mood。Subordinates don’t listen to Tian Lu’s deployment, let her go,To reopen a new page of days。She will greet a beautiful day with a hundredfold hard work and mental state。
At work the next day,I went to the bathroom through the operating room,When the door is opened,Some noise,Cai Wen sees Tian Lu entering the door,Hit the workbook hard on the desktop for no reason,Vent angrily“呲”The sound of,Talk to yourself:“So noisy!”The implication is that Tian Lu’s sound of pushing the door disturbed her,Tian Lu understands her behavior this way。
Cai Wen seems to have always been biased against her,And in front of the employees, she will also put on the score in front of her Tian Lu,Will also form a gang with the Ministry of Security,Become very strong。
Tian Lu shuddered in her heart。This workplace is too complicated.,I still care too much。
It’s not that Xu Chang called Tian Lu to the office to arrange work,Make Cai Wen mistakenly think that Tian Lu assigned her to Xuchang“A slice of soup”Bar。
To the effect that Xu Chang can only pet her Cai Wen in the unit,Tian Lu can’t be favored,So target Tian Lu everywhere。
Actually Tian Lu went to Xuchang office only to discuss work,Not what Cai Wen thought,Xuchang still maintains everywhere、On Cai Wen’s side。
When Tian Lu got close to Xuchang for discussing work,Cai Wen always loses her temper inexplicably for no reason,Tian Lu didn’t know how to solve the subordinate’s presumption in front of her。
She Tian Lu still didn’t dare to tell Xuchang,She knows that Xu Chang and Cai Wen have a very unusual relationship,Unclear,Anyway, I can’t say Cai Wen in front of Xu Chang“Is not”。
Thought of here,Tian Lu feels that the workplace is too complicated,I just want to do something quietly,Don’t think about the messy leadership、Don’t think about it“Boss”Fight in front of you,Do your best,An’anfen do your own affairs well。Thinking too much makes you worry。
Tian Lu has learned from it,Reflect on yourself,Don’t worry about this anymore,It doesn’t help me improve my abilities at all,Care about some low-energy things,Not conducive to personal growth,Relax your mind,It’s not about personal interests,Too much care,Instead, it proved that I was not well-trained。
Thought of here,Tian Lu felt much more relaxed。So that there are still some horns at work,Tian Lu will remind herself:To be inclusive,Be generous,This will be very happy。
First71chapter put one’s oar in
In a dream,Tian Lu has dreamed all the risk figures related to Ding Kelan。