“You can try!”

“Then I still won’t go in,Big sister, hurry up!”
“OK OK,troublesome,I will start!”
I heard Lena say to get up,Xin Zhao breathed a sigh of relief,Today is the seventh day,Wake up Lena every day,Is a difficult decision,Especially Lena, who was furious the day before yesterday, went out and beat Xin Zhao.,Then go back to get up。
But Xin Zhao is also because of this,Saw some different scenery。
have to say,Big sister’s figure,Really good,Hehehe!
Xin Zhao sorted out his expression,Then turn around and stand side by side with Qiangwei。
“Letter,Cattle batch,I think you can tell Lena to get up,No one would dare!”Qilin gave Xin Zhao a thumbs up。
And what can Xin Zhao say。
“Big sister is very talkative,As long as you find her advantages,Then I know!”It’s so close to Rena’s room now,Is Xin Zhao crazy or stupid?,Dare to say bad things about her here。
Although sometimes Xin Zhao felt like he was beaten by Rena,But after all, Lena also received a lot of benefits。
If it can go on like this,Xin Zhao said,Have to add money。
Know that his strength is constantly improving,Of course the price is different,As long as the money is in place,Everything is easy to say。
And Reina is quite satisfied with Xin Zhao’s performance,Then plan to spare his life first。
Wait till Lena comes out,Ge Xiaolun and Cheng Yaowen and Liu Chuang also came out。