A few happy,The biggest winner today is Qiao Tianyu。

He not only successfully forced out Credit Suisse’s“Squadron”,Surrendered the most incredible“Mars”Raman,And got the right to speak on an equal footing with the Rothschild Bank,The international gold market has suffered the biggest shuffle in history。
But Qiao Tianyu knew,Today’s victory in the battle is only the first step in the Long March.,The turmoil in the international gold market is far from over,As Cui Kai said,What Qiao Tianyu has seen so far,At best it’s only the tip of the iceberg。
The mysterious British royal family、Treasury being accelerated、David, the never-shown legend、The Rothschild family helped Credit Suisse deal with itself, etc.,There are countless mysteries in the international gold market that need to be solved by Qiao Tianyu。
Qiao Tianyu’s hunch is completely correct,Nowadays“Golden House”Although the bargaining meeting won,But Qiao Tianyu also completely stabbed the hornet’s nest,A more violent gust of rain has come before our eyes。
“Golden House”After the negotiation meeting,The Rothschild family learned about Qiao Tianyu’s hard work,Naturally treat Qiao Tianyu as a guest,Have a big celebration,Give a good reward to Qiao Tianyu。
But Qiao Tianyu is not as optimistic as the Rothschild family,He called Carl aside,Let the Rothschilds keep an eye on Credit Suisse and the British royal family,He didn’t believe they would surrender so easily,Beware of their comeback。
Farewell to the Rothschild family,“Qiao Tianyu”Cui Kai and Qiao Tianyu left the Rothschild Bank Headquarters in a special KGB car。
“call,Finally out!”
After successfully driving away from the headquarters building,Cui Kai was so scared that he looked left and took a look,After you are sure you are not being followed,I finally breathed a sigh of relief,Looking at Qiao Tianyu with a smile,In the end, he saw Qiao Tianyu staring at himself with an indescribable look,Cui Kai almost jumped up。
“what the hell,Qiao Tianyu,What’s your face,It’s scary to death!”
“Cui Kai,You have to tell me,Who are you?!”Qiao Tianyu asked with a serious face。
“I’m a poor boy in China’s Shanxi countryside,Who else?”Cui Kai smiled and quickly avoided Qiao Tianyu’s hot eyes。
“piss off!”Qiao Tianyu gave Cui Kai angrily,Said annoyedly。
“Cui Kai,Your trading ability is strong,Definitely not under me,And our trading ideas and trading methods are surprisingly similar,How could it be just a poor boy in the countryside?I do not understand,Why don’t you dare to show me your true colors?”
“Hi hi hi,Look at what you said,You forgot me,I still rely on me not to show you my true colors,Is there any reason??”Cui Kai explained innocently。
“Did we know each other before?”This is not the first time Cui Kai has said such things,Did the two of them really know each other before?
“nonsense!”Cui Kai gave Qiao Tianyu a blank look。
“okay,Qiao Tianyu,Say so,It’s good for you to forget me now,Now you better not know who I am,When the gold business is all over,You naturally know who I am。”
“I do not understand。”Qiao Tianyu shook his head,I still don’t understand what Cui Kai means。