“This is also a very interesting game!Turn them two into big stars,And then endorse my game,Isn’t it a fun challenge??”Lu Menglin laughed。

Conversation between the two,I made everyone around me dumbfounded。
Although the Three Kingdoms killed the cards and made a lot of money,But what are they talking about now?Star making?Be a big star?From star draft to film and television games?This is too fancy!
Among the people present,Probably only the bald male can vaguely understand,He learned about the strength behind this Lu Menglin from Jiang Qizhi,And Jiang’s attitude towards him,Naturally not like these college students,Thought he was talking about dreams。
“Male brother,Please go back and talk to Jiang Qizhi,I want to make a talent show,Let him come to me when he is free,I think,We should be able to enter the next stage of cooperation!”Lu Menglin smiled。
Bald brother,Quickly stood up and nodded respectfully,Tao:“Ok!I will bring Mr. Lu’s words。Brother Qizhi wanted to ask her husband for advice,Thanks a lot!”
This male brother is also a figure who is used to seeing big waves in the rivers and lakes,Don’t say anything cruel。
Today he came to Shenda to find Lu Menglin,I want to hear about Mr. Lu’s future plans。
Although the Three Kingdoms Kill card is very popular,But Jiang Qizhi only regards this as a business that can be done,Can’t talk about a real transformation,And the entertainment industry Lu Menglin just mentioned,Is the industry Jiang Qizhi is most interested in。
If you can transform the entertainment business that you have left behind to become a cultural industry,Jiang Qizhi is truly exasperated,Even the elders of the Jiang family have to admire him for having fun,It is no longer a wild road without light。
“How about this,Profit from previous card sales,I suggest to take out half,Everyone divided!Profit behind,Annual dividend。In addition
Invest half of the company’s new business,is that OK?”Lu Menglin smiled。
Finally heard the news of the penny,Zhu Xiaoguang and the others were so happy they almost cried with a headache!
402The name of the poorest dormitory in history,Just after Lu Menglin said,Completely become history!
at last,Rich!And everyone has money!
Liu Taosheng is finally no longer the one who owes money。