Pass by the door of the bookstore,The two got into a small alley on the left。

This small alley is very secluded,Although Lu Menglin grew up in Liufang,I only drilled once or twice as a child,Actually quite strange to this begotten corner。
After passing through the winding alley,The scenery in front of you suddenly opens up,There is actually a large courtyard in front,There are towering trees in the yard,Spending leaves,Shade the sky,It’s chilling。
A few cars parked in front of the courtyard gate,Lu Menglin still recognizes these car signs,There are actually two Audis and one Mercedes-Benz,For Liufang,It’s already a rare good car。
Almost certain,In addition to the leaders of the main factory,Liufang has no such models。
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text Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Three Respect as a guest
“Su Xuehen’s family background,It really is a mystery!”Lu Menglin’s heart secretly said。
Walk to the courtyard gate,Su Xuehen took out the key and opened the big iron door,Two talents enter the door,Lu Menglin found that the picture in the yard seemed to be still,A few little boys who were playing in the mud,All staring at me motionless。
The little boys stared at Lu Menglin’s eyes,As if seeing an enemy,Murderous,Extraordinary jealous。
Lu Menglin was startled first,I thought I didn’t even know these kids?Is it the wrong thing??
then,He glanced again,The expressions of those little boys are so aggrieved,One after another at Su Xuehen,With a crying voice,Fragile shout:“Hello Sister Su!”
Su Xuehen smiled slightly,Beckoned at these little maotou,I said hello。
Lu Menglin understood in an instant,So these little guys are all fans of Su Xuehen!Now they see the goddess sister in their minds bringing the boys home,Beautiful dreams shattered,Of course, everyone is crying。
Su Xuehen led Lu Menglin to the leftmost door of the courtyard,Several dwarf osmanthus trees were planted in front of the door,Exudes a light fragrance。
Open the door,Su Xuehen took a pair of vinyl slippers from the shoe rack at the door,Handed it to Lu Menglin。
“These are my dad’s slippers,Do you think it fits?”Su Xuehen didn’t look back,Just snorted softly。