Ding Sheng looked at Xiang Chen,Don’t want to embarrass my brother,When I say something like this again,Quite embarrassing。

“can!Let’s go together in a while!As for the auction,Li Gongzi is a big benefactor,Participate appropriately,it is also fine。”
Xiang Chen smiled at Li Tianxing,Even if the latter knows that he seems to be scammed,But still straightened up,It means everything is on oneself。
A group of people came to the venue of the charity reception according to the address on the invitation letter,At first,Xiang Chen is still a very qualified bodyguard,It’s just that when an uncle announced the start of the party,Xiang Chen always appears around the buffet table from time to time,Even if Ye Qingtian is already far away from the buffet,But Xiang Chen still has a way to bring her back to the buffet。
Ye gently couldn’t help but smile,So many people present,Everyone seems to understand the true purpose of this charity reception,But Xiang Chen is really the only one,Work hard against the surrounding food。
“How many days have you not eaten??”
When Xiang Chen is still working hard on food,Lan Youmeng’s voice rang in Xiang Chen’s ear again。
“How will you be here?”
Xiang Chen frowned slightly,I was a little surprised to see Lan Youmeng at this reception。
Both Xiang Chen and Lan Youmeng were taken aback,Then both of them knew why each other appeared here。
“This is your sister?Looks pretty good,Looks like a star!”
Lan Youmeng looked at Ye Qingqing and exclaimed。
Lan Youmeng is watching Ye Qingqing,Ye Qingqing also looked up and down Lan Youmeng,Proudly exotic,I don’t know if I came to show me on purpose。
“I am an actor,May be a bit famous,But i am not obvious。”
Ye is polite and decent when speaking softly,Make people unable to fault,Just something hidden implicitly,Then the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise see the wisdom。
Two women,There are some intersections because of Xiang Chen,However, Xiang Chen’s thinking doesn’t seem to care about Ye Qing and Lan Youmeng at all.,On the contrary, after being silent for a while,I suddenly realized:“The uncle who spoke just now is your boss?Duke of Kesley?”