At this time, the four elders raised their heads and looked at Xia Chenglong.,There was a little solemn expression in the eyes。

“My sword is called the golden snake sword,Is based on the name of this sword,Since I became the four elders of the law enforcement hall,This is the first time I have used this sword technique,Because other Xiao Xiaozhi,I disdain to use this。”
The four elders speak more and more proud,More excited,The more I speak, the more excited,At the end he glanced towards Xia Chenglong,In the brow,Full of pride,At this moment, he just wants to show off with Xia Chenglong。
The four elders thought Xia Chenglong would look at him with surprise,But called the four elders,What I never thought was that Xia Chenglong’s expression was very calm,Only a face of indifference is shown。
The Fourth Elder wants to see some other clues from Xia Chenglong’s face,But found,He was calm as if he was a pool of stagnant water。
The Fourth Elder suddenly discovered that Xia Chenglong couldn’t figure out how much he called himself,At this time, he looked at Xia Chenglong again,But nothing can be seen from Xia Chenglong’s face。
The four elders poured their spiritual power into the golden snake sword,The golden snake sword emits a light yellow light,See the surrounding space in the golden snake,It’s as if a pebble was lost in the water,There are faint ripples。
At this time, Xia Chenglong saw the four elders like this,There was a solemn meaning on his face。
Because at this time he has no weapons in his hands,Those broken weapons received from Jiancheng,He really looks down on,And with that weapon,There is not much difference between useful and useless。
Chapter one thousand and forty six Dragon King
But I saw that Xia Chenglong hadn’t used his weapon until now,The four elders at this time can’t help it,So he looked at Xia Chenglong,Then asked very puzzled:“Where’s your weapon?”
“Broken。”Two simple words,Neat and clean,But how much bitterness is contained in these two words,Only Xia Chenglong knows。
The Fourth Elder also felt the faint sadness between Xia Chenglong’s eyebrows,To be able to,Weapons have this,Affectionate person,It should not be bad for people,At this time, he nodded in satisfaction,He likes Xia Chenglong more and more。
“Connected,My first move is called Golden Snake Howl!”
Four elders finished,He swung a sword lightly towards Xia Chenglong,Although this sword looks calm and calm,,But it’s as important,The sword energy carried by that sword is connected to the surrounding space,There is a faint sign of collapse。
You know the space here is blessed by special mana,The laws of space are much more stable than those of the outside world.,But even so,The space here is faintly,There is still a sign of collapse。
Xia Chenglong looked at the sword sent by the Fourth Elder towards him,There is also a little solemn expression on his face。