There is only one thought in their hearts at this moment,Who is this person?

Hu Tianbiao opened his eyes wide,He really didn’t expect,This kid dares to speak at this time。
Did he eat the courage of the bear heart and leopard??I don’t know if I’m going to hang up soon?
Isn’t he very smart?Can’t it be seen yet,I can’t cover it anymore!
Not far away,Hu Tianbiao is still in the mood to consider this kid’s problem,This person is really big。
Luo Li frowned,He tilted his head and looked at the boy in front of him。
“Luo Ye!He came down from above with Hu Tianbiao。”As a result, Siyi spoke up,Debunked Lu Menglin’s identity。
The fourth child to survive,Want to please Luo Li,Even Hu Tianbiao dared to betray,Not to mention selling an unrecognized kid。
It turns out that this kid came down from above,At first glance, it’s a stunner!Everyone present subconsciously recognized this,All smiles。
And he was mixed with Hu Tianbiao,This also makes everyone unsuspecting,Because everyone knows that Hu Tianbiao’s skill is high,Man is a fool,Mindless,The people he takes around,Can you have a brain?
Luo Li thinks like everyone else,He even laughed twice,Asked with interest:“Kids,what do you wish to ask?”
Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Shrugged,Tao:“I want to ask,Where is the master from the third floor?”
This remark,Luo Li everyone is shocked。
“how?You know the third level people?”Luo Li frowned,Asked carefully。