“No way!You can’t do all these methods!”Lu Menglin shook his head like a drum,Said。

“What do you say?”Feng Nan was surprised。
“All go back to class!Don’t worry about chubby things,More help。”Lu Menglin said lightly。
His statement,The people next to you all blew up。
“Lu Menglin,What do you mean?”
“You don’t plant it yourself,Just leave us alone!”
“Fat Dunbai called you big brother,What is your attitude?”
“Liu Yi is blind,Let us talk to you!Don’t think you are now the boss of the school,It’s awesome!”
This group of high school students are full of blood,And can play with Liu Yi,Only recognize one meaning。
When they were bullied by gangsters on the street,Fatty fought a lot for them,Everyone usually makes chubby jokes,Something really happened,No one is unambiguous。
To know,It’s not a joke to go to the Manyuanchun Restaurant,Not to mention the background of this restaurant,Just this thing,Maybe follow in the footsteps of the fat,Went to jail in the bureau。
Feng Nan and the others are already determined,Even if something big happens,I have to give this breath for Fatty。
“you guys,Don’t you guys say that,Menglin is not like that!”Wang Shaoxiao sees everyone turn their faces,Also anxious,Desperately explained。
Lu Menglin just listened to Wang Shaoxiao’s introduction,Have a preliminary understanding of the causes and consequences of this incident。
This matter is undoubtedly Zhao Yuanchao’s backing,The purpose is to annex the workers’ houses,Transform the commercial street。
In Lu Menglin’s memory,This so-called Liufang Commercial Street did not succeed,Only built a circle of shops on the periphery and ended in a hasty,It seems that the funds of Hong Kong businessmen are not available,The whole project was delayed。
And now,The leaders of the factory would not consider these,They just want to drive the workers away first,Finalize the project。
As for the chubby encounter,It’s just a small episode in this huge demolition project。
Thought of here,Lu Menglin couldn’t help being a little fascinated,He was thinking how to use this opportunity,Can you take the opportunity to take down Zhao Yuanchao’s group??
Seeing that Lu Menglin hadn’t moved for a while,Feng Nan and the others are even more angry。