Jiang Degang: None of a child can die

The Taiwanese artist Guo Yan reported on the social platform to tell the doctor’s friends "Many children are gone", and angered Su Zhenchang, Chen Shizhong, and 1450. The information cognitive war cannot be relaxed, will it be too much? However, in mid -May, the Democratic Progressive Party was selected as Azhong Iron Fan and the artist caramel brother Chen Jiaxing on social platforms to encourage "active infection" and "authorities cannot speak clearly, you know". With Chen Shizhong’s iron powder and caramel brother Chen Jiaxing, he tweeted "actively let himself and his family infection in order to have antibodies" and "early infection and early enjoyment", which caused public opinion disputes. Chen Jiaxing said, "I guess the authorities can’t say I understand that it is absolutely operated in this way, but the person who understands will understand. " Shrimp was destroyed, Chen Shizhong had previously asked the public to "independently respond". Is this not righteous in Chen Shizhong and disseminating fake news? Why is the DPP authorities silent? Guo Yanjun said, "Many children are gone" and the commander Chen Shizhong threatened 3 million yuan. Caramel encouraged "active infection" and "the authorities could not tell clearly, you know", but really really hit you Chen Shi Shi Shi Shi Shi Shi Why don’t you catch the name of China Railway Fan? Public opinion suspects that the number of diagnosis every day is 7.80,000, more and more deaths, and "many children are gone", will it echo the disaster of "active infection" of Chen Shizhong’s "autonomous response"? Will it be the evil that "the authorities can’t tell clearly, you know"? If the "positive infection" that caramel said is a rumor, it should be fined 3 million. What is the meaning of less, it is "a lot" to die innocently! Article Source: Zhongshi News Network Editor: Zuo Qiuzi.