Deeply cultivating Wo Tujin Splendid -the practice of promoting the revitalization of rural industry with the agricultural industry

Original title: Deeply cultivated Wo Turkish Splendids -Minqin, who promoted the revitalization of the countryside with the agricultural industry, practiced the hometown of Chinese meat sheep, the hometown of Chinese honeydew, the hometown of Chinese ginseng fruit, the hometown of Chinese fennel … The fruitful results achieved by Minqin County to promote rural revitalization with industrial engines. In recent years, Minqin County has twisted the industry’s "cattle nose", planting the advantages of agricultural development, creating characteristic regional brands, promoting industrial integration and development, strong rural revitalization pulses, and rural changes. Last year, the county’s agricultural industry added value of 100 million yuan, a year -on -year increase of%. The per capita disposable income of farmers reached 17,059 yuan, a growth rate of%, ranking second in the city.

When the superior industries are upgraded to upgrade the spring plowing and spring broadcast, when many farmers are busy sowing in the land, the sun -ray greenhouse growers in Minqin County have enjoyed the joy of "spring harvest" in advance.

On March 1st, the reporter saw in the Sunshine Greening Demonstration Park in Gaomiao Village, Caiqi Town, Minqin County. For dripping, farmers are busy harvesting, carrying, scaled, loading, and a busy scene.

Greenhouse peppers operated by villagers Zhao cotton have been picked up to 3,600 kilograms since they were listed in mid -December last year, and the prices have been rising.

"This year, the price of peppers is good. In just over two months, it has earned 10,000 yuan. If all of them are sold, a shed pepper can earn more than 10,000 yuan.

"Zhao Mianhua said. Like Zhao Mianhua, Li Darong, a sun -light greenhouse grower in Touba Village, Shuangzco Town, Deminqin County, is also immersed in the joy of harvest. Due to science arrangements, Li Darong’s greenhouses are fruitful, and mature tomatoes are like The red lantern is embellished in the green leaves, and it is a happy person. "Our tomatoes are good, sweet, and hard. It has been ordered by merchants in Xi’an, Ningxia and other places at a price of 8 yuan per kilogram.

Li Darong said while picking the tomatoes.

From the "spring planting and autumn harvest" to "four seasons harvest", Minqin County takes the development of modern facilities agricultural mainly based on the sun and greenhouses as a powerful measure to promote the adjustment of the agricultural industry structure, the development of the cold and dry agriculture of modern silk roads, and the realization of rural revitalization. The principles of more reasonable levels, positioning, and goals are more clear. The layers of layers and gradients are promoted. After years of layout and careful cultivation, the scale and benefits have achieved dual improvement. "According to the characteristics of different regional characteristics, crop species structure, and market consumption needs, we make full use of the time difference, seasonal difference, space difference and variety structure difference, focusing on the promotion of eggplant fruits and melons. The stubble cultivation model expands the high -yield high -efficiency and high -efficiency stubborn mouth mode for the year, three to four of the year, and melon, which is dominated by zucolina, small milk melon, and melon. Chen Fang, deputy director of the Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Minqin County. Smart agriculture brings "butterfly changes" in the experimental base of Fengteng Agriculture, Forestry Forestry and Husbandry Professional Cooperative in Suwu Town, Minqin County. The leek was exposed.

"In order to crack the seasonal constraints of leek production, we have introduced the organic leeks of the four seasons of the seasons of the seeds of leeks by carrying out the technical innovation and test demonstration of leek production and letting the leeks wear the ‘hat’ to promote farmers’ income." Tone leeks have gone through the "three generations", the variety structure is constantly optimized, and the planting technology has become increasingly mature. At present, the goals of the four quarter production revenue and the listing of the year have been achieved.

In the Hongqigu Modern Agricultural Industrial Park in Minqin County, the soil growing vegetables is replaced by nutrient solution and organic matter. Vegetables such as oil, lettuce, broccoli and other vegetables commonly lived in the layers of staircase and potting of pipelines. On the "high -rise building", it is tender and seductive. "The use of synthetic pipelines and bonsai flower stand cultivation technology to plant" high -rise "vegetables, which requires the area to the air to maximize the production potential of land and crops.

"Wang Yingduo, general manager of Hongqigu Modern Agricultural Industrial Park, introduced, the three -dimensional soilless cultivation model is fashionable and beautiful, with simple operation, short cycle, fast -effective, intelligent hydration and fertilizer, vegetables can be mature and harvested in 15 days. Harvest 17 seasons.

In recent years, Minqin County has relying on the implementation of the "Grain Feng" project to explore the green development model that meets regional characteristics and local characteristics, accelerate the pace of agricultural transformation, formulate technical procedures for high -quality agricultural products, promote the transformation of scientific research results, and has spawned the leeks. A number of new technologies and new models such as "Sitting on Stools", honeydet, and other new models have established a traceability system for agricultural products throughout the process, promoting the substantial improvement of agricultural product production capacity and quality.

At the same time, relying on the advantages of natural resources, the Academician Wu Mingzhu Workstation of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Minqin Comprehensive Testing Station of the Gansu Provincial Institute of Agricultural Sciences, the Modern Silk Road Cold Drought Agricultural Research Center of Minqin County, and the honeydles, vegetables, forest fruits, soil fertilizer, water saving water saving In the Institute of Agricultural Scientific Research, we will vigorously carry out key agricultural scientific research research, focus on breaking the "bottleneck" of agricultural development technology, improve the output value of agricultural technology, and achieve the "butterfly change" of smart agriculture.

Agricultural Tourism Rong and the countryside are vast in the region of the people, and the "tourism on farmland" is very promising.

How to do a good job of "landscape" and activate the vitality of tourism development.

Focusing on "high -efficiency ecology" and "characteristic boutiques", Minqin County deeply taps the entry point, breakthrough, and growth points of the agricultural industry, actively adjusts and optimizes the agricultural industry, products and regional structures, planting the advantages of solid development, accelerating greenhouse vegetables, forests, and flowers and trees Leading the development of industries such as other characteristics, providing consumers with space and products that can be leisure and experience, at the same time develop ecological cycle agriculture, improve the level of rural cleanization, greening, and beautification, and provide strong industrial support for rural revitalization.

On March 2nd, the reporter saw in the modern agricultural demonstration park of the "Desert Pastoral" that the row of thermos of the greenhouse was arranged in the field in an orderly manner. Watching the scene is so lively.

"Being in a warm shed is like entering the ocean of the flower." Said Zhang Xiaomin.

The essence of the integration of agricultural and tourism is farmers -oriented, and tourism empowerment.

Relying on the unique location advantages and natural resources, Minqin County has exerted its strengths, actively injects cultural symbols and cultural elements into agriculture, updates new varieties, promotes new technologies, introduces new enterprises, develops rural scenery with the "tourism+" model, creates fruit and vegetable sightseeing Picking diversified tourism products, promoting the integration of leisure agriculture and rural tourism, and promoting rural revitalization.

Li Shirong, director of the Rural Revitalization Service Center of Minqin County, introduced that the county takes cherry leisure agriculture as a model. According to local conditions, we have focused on developing special agricultural products such as "unique", "special special", "good Zhongyou", "misalignment", etc., and guide farmers. "Planting crops" turned to "species", focusing on cultivating strawberries, oily peaches, life fruits, cherry tomatoes, and other varieties with short growth cycles, high yield, and easy picking.

At present, Minqin County has successfully created a number of "rural tourism punching fields" such as Hongqi Valley Modern Agricultural Industrial Park, Suwu Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park, and "Desert Pastoral" Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park, which effectively inspired the potential of rural revitalization and made the countryside become the villages. getting more pretty. Ma Aibin and Ma Kailiang.