18 active naval soldiers in the United States have committed suicide this year, including multiple aircraft carrier crews

According to the US CNN reported on the 21st, the U.S. Navy has investigated the recent suicide incident of four aircraft carriers. Since this year, 18 active naval soldiers have committed suicide. Keller, a spokesman for the headquarters of the U.S. Fleet forces, told CNN that the recent deaths of the four water soldiers, including the three from one week of this month, have been confirmed to be suicide or obvious suicide incident.

Keller said that the Navy has launched an investigation for this series of suicide incidents and will study whether there is any connection between these deaths. In the past 12 months, seven sailors have died in seven navigables, four of them have committed suicide.

The US media pointed out that as of April 1, 15 US active naval soldiers have committed suicide this year.

Counting the three suicide incidents on the aircraft carrier of the "George Washington" in April last April, the total number of suicide this year has increased to 18.

According to data from the US Department of Defense, in 2020, 580 soldiers in the United States committed suicide. Over the past five years, the suicide rate of various US military departments has risen.