Guangdong Province’s spring college entrance examination volunteer filling work launched on the 10th

  Yesterday, the Guangdong Education Examination Institute issued a relevant announcement stating that Guangdong Province’s 2022 ordinary college spring examination enrollment (hereinafter referred to as the "spring college entrance examination") higher vocational colleges in higher vocational colleges in advance Admissions "), ordinary colleges and universities enroll the unified examination of secondary vocational school graduates (hereinafter referred to as the" 3+ Certificate Examination "). In the spring of 2022, the college entrance examination implemented online reporting volunteers.

From 15:00 to 15:00 on March 10th to 14th, candidates log in to the general college entrance examination registration system of Guangdong Province with their general college entrance examination registration accounts and passwords, and select the spring college entrance examination "Admissions according to the results of the school" or "3+ certificate examination" One type of filling in volunteers, receiving SMS verification codes bound to the mobile phone number binding when registering for the college entrance examination, and completing the online volunteer filling and confirmation. When filling in the volunteer, candidates must combine their test results, rankings, and previous years of admission scores and minimum rankings of colleges and universities and majors.

Pay attention to check whether there are physical conditions for some majors. According to relevant requirements, candidates who participate in the undergraduate level of the "3+ Certificate Examination" also need to participate in the vocational skills test organized by the admissions college. For details, please refer to the admissions website of admissions colleges. (All media reporter Zeng Jun).