Do a good job in "three big articles" in petrochemical industries through "extension chain"

  "It is necessary to build a petrochemical industry gold industry chain, constantly improve the core competitiveness, and actively promote the construction of national petrochemical industry base in Changxing Island (Xizhong Island).

"June 8, 2021 propane dehydrogenated industry chain and hydrogen energy comprehensive use forum held in our city.

Dalian Changxing Island Economic and Technological Development Zone proposed the goal of achieving the development of energy transformation under carbon neutralization. 200 people from the national related industry, gathered together, with the theme of "PDH industry chain and high quality development path under carbon neutralization target", and carry out deep discussion.

At the meeting, the three projects on the Changxing Island Economic and Technological Development Zone were signed.

  Dalian is my country’s important petrochemical production base, which is also the most important crude oil, chemical products import and export trade and storage and transportation center in northern China. The three major petrochemical industrial clusters of Changxing Island (Xizhima) petrochemical industry base, Shanshan Chemical Area, Songmao Chemical Area.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the petrochemical industry is still an important support industry in Dalian. It is expected that by 2025, Dalian’s daily crude oil processing scale will remain at 50 million tons, and the size of the ethylene is 5 million tons, and the industrial output value reached 50 billion yuan. With the proposal of "carbon neutral" tasks and objectives, China’s future energy transformation development has been determined, and hydrogen can be used as clean-free carbon energy, and its accelerated development will eventually achieve "carbon neutrics" important mission. Propylene dehydrogenation, hydrogen energy use is an important industry for achieving energy transformation development. At present, the domestic propane dehydrogenation project has been spent more, and there are more than 30 propane dehydrogenated projects in the future, with more than 30 million tons of production capacity.

Dalian is fully implementing innovation, coordination, green, opening, sharing new development concept, doing a good job of upgrading "old name", developing "original fonts", cultivating the "new brand", three major articles, and earnestly promoting industrial structure adjustment, Walk the road of high quality development.

In order to cultivate the high-quality development of the Dalian petrochemical industry, under the promotion of the high-quality development work of the city Petrochemical industry, Changxing Island (Xizhong Island) petrochemical industry base is touched by Petrochemical Dalian Petrochemical Relocation and Lightweight Raw Materials. Carry out the industry chain upstream investment, through the "extension, make up the chain, strong chain", ensure that the structure is adjusted "three big articles" to achieve effectiveness. As the main carrier of the Dalian Petrochemical Industry, Changxing Island (Xizhimao) Petrochemical Industry Base is responsible for the mission of building a world-class petrochemical industry base.

The base will continue to increase investment promotion and project construction efforts, focus on industrial chain cycles, open the industrial chains and plug points. Fully promote high-quality development of petrochemical industries, and strive to make new contributions to the comprehensive revitalization of Dalian. (Reporter Liu Fuguo) +1.