Core Value Bai Player Forum Seventy-fourth

Jinminqing Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Vice President, researcher, doctoral tutor. Special allowance expert, Marxist theory research and construction project of Marxist Theory, Vice President of China History Materialism, Secretary-General, National Party Construction Conference. The Central State Authority of the Office of the University of Working Committee, the National Netition Office, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and the 19th National Spiritual Group.

The Secretary-General of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences "Marxism Theoretical Innovation Major", "Marxist China Advantage Society", the leader of the innovative project. Part-time professors in China and many universities such as University of China Academy of Social Sciences, Xiamen University, China Communication University.

The main research field is Marxist philosophy, Marxism China, Mao Zedong’s life and thought, culture and ideology, the party’s party’s party.

Published personal academic monographs: "Marxist China’s Ideological Logic" "Marxist China Ideological History", "Marxist China Research Executive" (2018) "Core, Concentrate Strong China Power" (2017), "China Power "(2017)," The Road to Youth Mao Zedong "(2015)," Cultural Values ??"(2013) (2013)," The Preliminary Formation of China Marxism "(2009)," Cultural Global Culture and China Volkswagen Culture (2004).

Editor-in-chief, more than 10 wells.

In recent years, in "People’s Daily", "Guangming Daily", "China Social Science", "Marxism Research", etc.