China @ 四川 | Sichuan released the top ten rule of rule of law of "resolute and agriculture, affordability in the law

  Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, April 14 (Reporter Chen Land) On the 13th, Sichuan held the province’s "law of law and agriculture and agriculture, and rescue farmers in accordance with the law" according to law.

The 10 types of cases released at the meeting cover the rural governance, agricultural comprehensive law enforcement, the judicial trial, agricultural rural legal services in the field of agriculture.

  In the top ten cases, in July 2020, a major gang in Yibin City, was attracting attention.

According to the data, 43 suspected illegal fishing and sales of wild river criminal suspects were arrested, and 35 were transferred to the administrative department.

  In July 2020, the Sichuan Provincial Agricultural Rural Department officially established the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Supervision Bureau, achieving a team to concentrate on exercise laws and regulations from the provincial level to give the provincial agricultural departments and the administrative law enforcement functions of the unit. At the press conference, Sichuan Provincial Agricultural Rural Hall Comprehensive Law Enforcement Supervision Bureau, said that since its inception, the bureau has been combined with public security, market supervision and other departments, and the illegal fishing, electro-fried fish, etc. Get initial results. (over).